Jewelry Brands Use KeyShot to Drive Ecommerce Sales, Develop Products, and More

If you were to think of some of the biggest jewelry brands around the world, what names would come to mind? And would you be surprised to learn that many of them rely on KeyShot to develop and market their products?  

While we’re not exactly allowed to name names (because, uh, lawyers), artists and designers shared why KeyShot is an important tool for any designer or marketer in the jewelry business.

Easy to Use, Exactly What You Need 

KeyShot provides the easy-to-use tools you need to tweak your jewelry images to perfection. You can enhance Abbe numbers for the right amount of chromatic reflection off your metals, select among an extensive materials library of textures and fabrics, add caustics that are unmatched, and highlight the product with scientifically accurate lighting to amp up the realism.  


'KeyShot is perfect for jewelry.' 

Ivan Vuzem has worked for global jewelry brands and small, family-owned companies. He uses KeyShot to create stunning pieces, and even bring them to real life with 3D printing. The engagement ring he used to propose to his girlfriend began as one of her sketches. Ivan translated her sketch into Rhino, created the final look with KeyShot, and then used KeyShot files to 3D print the mold for her final ring. Ivan created the pear-shaped ring above; see more of Ivan’s designs.

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‘Fast results without too much technical knowledge 

Nacho Riesco was already an artist when he was introduced to the craft of making jewelry. KeyShot has allowed him to power his imagination even more. His unique and intricate pieces are often designed and advertised with KeyShot. He also uses KeyShot files to 3D print molds for real-life pieces. He created the brooch below; see more of Nacho’s work.


KeyShot provides the easiest and fastest 3D jewelry rendering solutions so you can create gorgeous visuals – from ideation to ecommerce.

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