KeyShot 9.3 Now Available

Today, we release KeyShot 9.3 with improvements for both KeyShot and KeyShot Viewer. These updates, all of which can be seen in the KeyShot 9.3 release notes, add general stability improvements, UI improvements, and additional support for features across KeyShot.

Highlights include:

  • Improved visual similarity for specular reflections between CPU and GPU
  • Added unit support for Multi-layer optics on GPU
  • KeyShot Viewer: Improved the KeyShot Viewer Benchmark for high core-count systems
  • General stability improvements for GPU mode
  • General stability improvements for Network Rendering

There are more updates and improvements in KeyShot 9.3. You can see them all in the release notes.

View Release Notes

KeyShot Benchmark

If you have had a chance to try KeyShot Viewer yet, now is the perfect time to try it out. The new Benchmark tool indicates how fast your CPU or GPU will render KeyShot scenes compared to a Intel Core i7 reference system. A score of 1.0 is equivalent to the performance of the reference system. A score of 2.0 means that the rendering on your system is twice as fast as the reference system. To run the benchmark, simply select Benchmark after starting KeyShot Viewer. Download KeyShot Viewer for free here.

Download KeyShot

If you use KeyShot 9, you'll see an update notice when you start KeyShot 9. Or, you can download the KeyShot 9 update directly. If you're on a previous version of KeyShot with maintenance subscription or a valid education license, you can update today for free. 

Download KeyShot 9 

Don't have KeyShot 9? Visit to purchase or upgrade or download a free trial here. For other questions about KeyShot 9 upgrades email or contact your local reseller.

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