KeyShot Adds Another Dimension to The Illustrations of Franfou

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    Franfou is a freelancer illustrator who recently started using KeyShot. Over the course of 20 years--studying graphic design in college, then creating cartoon style images as a freelancer--his focus is on professional illustration for kids, be it children's books, logos, websites or character designs. With clients such as Garfield, Cranium, Canadian Olympic Committee, Scholastic, Universal Music, World Vision and Kellogg's, Franfou turned to KeyShot to add more options for his clients. Here, he tells us about how his adventure began.

    The Illustration of Franfou

    How did it all start? Previously all Franfou's images were 2D, but changed after adding ZBrush to the workflow. One month ago he discovered KeyShot. "I bought KeyShot one week before sending the final image to the publishing house." Franfou explains, "So, within one week I had time to study KeyShot's functionality and create the image."

    He is also using KeyShot on several personal projects and will be completing new packaging for Kellogg's. KeyShot has become an integral part of his workflow going from ZBrush to KeyShot, then over to Photoshop. "I can now offer my clients great 3d cartoons because of KeyShot. I focus on sculpting in ZBrush, then rendering in KeyShot, so it's a simple and efficient workflow and even though KeyShot has many options for each function, it's still very intuitive, versatile and simple to use."

    Being quite new to 3D, KeyShot has added a new aspect to his projects, creating 3D version of his 2D cartoon style. He is learning more each day as he works toward more 3D character design. "Things move at a fast paced for an artist in a professional market. Even though I'm new to the 3D world, KeyShot has allowed me to create professional images for my clients. I've been able to approach my regular clients, offering them this new 3D illustration service with confidence even though this skill is new for me."

    The illustration you see here is Franfou's first KeyShot project, an image to be printed on the cover of ChikaDEE children's magazine in Toronto Canada. FranFou plans to continue using KeyShot on his projects, building his portfolio and offering more options to his clients. To see his work or contact him, visit



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