How to Use Denoise and Firefly Removal in KeyShot

When you have unwanted noise or specks of light in your image, Denoise and Firefly Removal will clean it up quick. Today, we'll take a look at KeyShot Denoise and show you how you to use it to smooth out your visuals to produce faster results from your KeyShot scenes.

KeyShot Denoise & Firefly Removal

Depending on the lighting intensity and materials you’ve applied to your KeyShot scene, you may run into problems where your final rendering appears far noisier than you’d like or has unwanted fireflies. Luckily, there’s an incredibly easy way to combat these issues, straight from the Image tab in the Project window. Let's have a look.


Just under the Adjustments section of the Image tab, you’ll find Denoise. When you expand that section, you’ll notice that the Denoise has two parameter sliders which appear greyed out. On top, is Denoise Blend, which allows you to determine the degree of denoise to apply to your scene. Below that, is the Firefly Filter which controls the degree hotspots and hot highlights are reduced. To use either of these effects, select the checkbox for Denoise.

Denoise Blend

At this point, you may notice the Real-time View becomes significantly more blurry due to the Denoise Blend parameter is set to its maximum value of 1. A good rule of thumb is to set this to the lowest value that produces desirable results. The larger the Denoise Blend value, the more likely you are to lose fine surface detail such as scratches or subtle matte surface elements. However, most surface details will come back provided the scene has enough time to res-up or enough samples selected when rendered out.

Firefly Filter

The second parameter Denoise is the Firefly Filter. This parameter can be adjusted with or without the Denoise Blend parameter, however, it does require the Denoise checkbox to be toggled. Essentially, what the Firefly Filter does, is remove scattered rays of light in your scene, eliminating them quickly and easily. Much like Denoise Blend, too much causes details to appear flat and highlights appear to be knocked back, so be mindful to set it just low enough to remove fireflies without compromising your scene detail.  

Both Denoise parameters provide a quick method to reduce noisy scenes and typically allow you to achieve highly desirable results in less time. You can learn more about Denoise and Firefly Removal in the KeyShot Manual.

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