KeyShot for Rhino plugin on Mac OS X: Now Available

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    We're excited to announce the KeyShot for Rhino plugin on Mac OS X is now available. You waited a long time for Rhino on Mac. We didn't want the wait to be just as long for the KeyShot for Rhino plugin. The KeyShot dev team has put the finishing touches on the features and the plugin is now ready for action.

    Thank you again to KeyShot Beta testers who ran the plugin through the paces and provided feedback on capabilities and features. Features include:

    • Support for meshes, surfaces, and solids
    • NURBS import (Pro only)
    • Maintain color and texture assignments
    • Maintain layer structure
    • Hidden objects on layers stay hidden
    • LiveLinking – update model inside KeyShot
    • Export to bip without KeyShot installed

    A valid license of KeyShot 6 and Rhinoceros 5 is required for import and LiveLinking. As always, the plugin is free and may be downloaded on the KeyShot plugin page. Please see the Rhino plugin readme for special instructions on installation and usage.

    View plugin  View Readme 

     Lead image: Simon Williamson

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