KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS Edition Available Now

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    With the release of KeyShot 9.1, we're introducing a new edition of KeyShot – KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS. This limited edition of KeyShot brings the features of KeyShot Pro plus direct SOLIDWORKS file import.

    Seamless Integration with Your Product Visual Workflow

    KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS + KeyShot Add-in fits within your workflow from concept to completion with support for:

    • Complete Assembly Structure import
    • Patterned Components import
    • NURBS import
    • Motion Study import
    • Face/Feature/Body/Part Appearance
    • Separate Materials by Part
    • LiveLinking model updates
    • KeyShot .bip export

    All the features of KeyShot Pro (compare versions) are included in this version with file support only limited to the import of SOLIDWORKS files (.sldprt, .sldasm). This edition is available exclusively to SOLIDWORKS users for a price of $1495.

    Buy KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS

    Why did we create this edition?
    As a SOLIDWORKS user, you are some of our most passionate users, and expect a reliable, flexible workflow for creating your product visuals. We wanted to keep the decision for your visual needs simple and provide pro-level features for the best value.

    What is KeyShot LiveLinking?
    With LiveLinking, SOLIDWORKS and KeyShot are connected allowing you to work in SOLIDWORKS with one-click update to your model in KeyShot at any time. Only changed parts will be updated, without the loss of any materials, lighting, animations, nor camera setup.

    What’s the difference between KeyShot Pro and KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS?
    KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS brings you all the features of KeyShot Pro. It is limited only to the import of SOLIDWORKS files (.sldprt, .sldasm).

    Can I upgrade from KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS to KeyShot Pro?
    Yes. If you ever need to import one of the 30+ file formats supported by KeyShot Pro, you may upgrade anytime for an incremental fee. Please contact

    More information on KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS along with a trial version is available at

    Try KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS

    Interested in trying KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS? Download and start rendering today.

    Try KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS

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