KeyShot Import of SOLIDWORKS Motion Study... Coming Soon

If you're paying attention to the KeyShot forum, you'll see a quick teaser posted for an update to the KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS plugin - an update that will come with support for the import of SOLIDWORKS Motion Studies into KeyShot.

Here's the quick import and test render:

The assembly you see in the video was modeled in SOLIDWORKS by KeyShot user Bill Gould of Gould Studios. With the SOLIDWORKS to KeyShot plugin the process is a one-click transfer from SOLIDWORKS to KeyShot. It will also be compatible with all versions of SOLIDWORKS.

Hop over to the KeyShot forum post to see some more examples and tell us what you think. Ready to import SOLIDWORKS Motion Studies into KeyShot?

The plugin is still in development, but expect it with the next release of the KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS plugin very soon and available for free on the KeyShot plugin page.

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