Google and MNML Guest Keynote Speakers for KeyShot RenderWorld 2018

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    We are excited to announce two special guests and leaders in the field of design as keynote speakers for KeyShot RenderWorld 2018Jeff Hoefer, Head of Digital Imaging for Google Brand and Hardware at Google, and Scott Wilson, Founder and Principal Designer at MNML, will speak at the conference taking place May 21-22, 2018.

    These two iconic personalities of the product design industry, at the forefront of the cutting edge technology and product innovation, lead teams of creatives who create life-changing products. As Head of Digital Imaging for Google Brand and Hardware at Google, Jeff Hoefer has a unique knowledge about the the high value and power of visualization from the early stages of product development. As Founder and Principal Designer of MNML, Scott Wilson, leads a team of designers, engineers, creatives and innovators who work with leading brands to make ideas a reality.

    Both guests will speak on their experiences in the design industry over their careers, what fuels their passion and give insight into the opportunities created by advancements in technology and visualization. Keynote addresses will occur on both days of the conference. Jeff Hoefer will speak Monday, May 21st prior to the evening reception. Scott Wilson will speak Tuesday following the morning speaker showcase. A full agenda with times and keynote details is available at

    Have you registered? Remember, tickets and spaces are limited. Individual tickets and group discounts are available for access to the entire two days of everything listed on the agenda, including keynotes and evening reception.


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