How to Use Shared Libraries in KeyShot

Today, we'll look at how to create shared KeyShot Resource folders to help organize your assets and collaborate across a network. 

Shared KeyShot Resource Library

Shared folders allow you to point KeyShot to access files in folders that are shared on a server or local computer. To view your current folder locations, go to Edit (Windows)/KeyShot (Mac), Preferences, and select Folders. Here you can specify the location for all folders or customize each resource type independently. Let's take a deeper look at how to change this and a few things to keep in mind when doing so.



KeyShot Resource Folder Location

By default, the KeyShot Resource folder is located under Documents on Windows and under Library, Application Support on Mac. However, this folder can be located somewhere more convenient, like your desktop or even a shared network drive.

If Changing Location, Update Preferences

When moving the KeyShot Resource folder, just make sure the correct location is specified in the KeyShot Folder preferences by clicking the folder icon and selecting the appropriate folder.

Set Each Resource Location or Add Multiple Locations

Similarly, you can customize the individual resource folder location. Select the Customize each folder option, then click the folder icon to open the Configure Folders window. Here, you can change the default location or add multiple folder locations and shared directories. Simply, select the current folder and click Edit to replace or hit the plus icon to add additional locations.

Keep Folders Read-Only

If a folder is not set as the Default folder, it can be marked as Read-only You may want to consider this the network is protected or you want to prevent new resources from being added. By default, additional locations will be marked Read-only.

Restart to Save Folder Location Updates

When you’re done customizing your folder locations, KeyShot will need to restart. Upon reopening, you’ll notice your second location under Shared Folders within the respective Resource tab.

Setting custom resource locations and adding shared folders is a great way to keep your library organized and share resources with others across a network. You can learn more about KeyShot Folder Options and Preferences in the KeyShot Manual.

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