KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS Add-in, Now with Motion Study Support

by KeyShot | Feb 5, 2018 | News | 0 Comments


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    Today, we officially announced the release of the new KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS add-in and, with it, the much anticipated support for Motion Study and other great new features.

    Last month we gave you a preview of a quick import and test. And now, we're excited to finally get this in your hands. You now have complete Motion Study animation import into KeyShot so you can take the animation even further with KeyShot's camera and part animation capabilities. 

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    If you're a SOLIDWORKS user who creates a lot of Motion Study animations, the KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS add-in will import your animations, maintain your assembly structure and part level appearance, allowing you to add materials, lighting and cameras to visualize your assemblies with full motion.

    Additionally, with KeyShot Animation, your Motion Studies not only import, but addtional KeyShot animations, like camera rotations, path animations, switch events and more, can be added alongside to bring a whole other level of professional visualization and realism to your product visuals.

    Also included with the add-in we introduce the ability to separate materials by part to make import and update easier and material setup even faster. You'll find this option and others in the new Export Settings.

    We're excited to hear what you think of the new add-in, see how you're using it and hear any ideas you have for other features. Let us know and share your thoughts in the comments below or on the KeyShot forum.


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