How to Use Solo Mode in KeyShot

KeyShot allows you to easily hide and show parts or groups of parts. When you right-click in the Real-time View, you will see the various hide/show options. A new option added for KeyShot 10 is Solo Mode that opens up a new method to work with parts and speed your existing workflows.

KeyShot Solo Mode

Simply put, Solo Mode allows you to isolate one or more parts, which enables you to work on a specific selection without disrupting the hierarchy of any other hidden parts. Solo Mode is a great tool to speed up material applications and editing when working with scenes that have multiple parts or models. Its purpose is to speed existing workflows by making part isolation simple and intuitive. However, previous methods such as Lock Part, Hide All, and the Hide/Show Hotkeys still work.


Toggle Solo Mode On/Off

To toggle Solo Mode on, either use the S-key or right-click your part (in the Scene Tree or Real-time View) and select Solo Mode. This will cause the non-selected parts to be hidden and the selected part or parts to be visible and isolated for editing. To toggle Solo Mode off, simply use the S-key or right-click and select Exit Solo Mode from the pop up menu.

Solo Mode for Multiple Parts

Solo mode can also be used to isolate selections of parts as well. If you want to isolate a selection, you can either highlight the parts you want isolated in the Real-time View or use Ctrl or Shift to select them from the Scene Tree in the Project window. Once selected, be sure to right-click one of the selected parts in the Real-time View and follow the same procedure you would to isolate a single part. Right-click and select Solo Mode from the popup menu or use the S-key. If done correctly, the parts you want to isolate will now be the only visible parts in the Real-time View.

KeyShot 10’s Solo Mode helps speed up your workflow by allowing you to quickly isolate parts or multiple parts. You can learn more about working with models including Hiding and Showing Parts in the KeyShot Manual.

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