KeyShot Studios - Your KeyShot Rendering Service

KeyShot Studios is the premier resource for professional-grade visuals or when you need to supplement or outsource your existing visualization needs. This service was co-founded by industry veterans Brad Adelmann and Tim Feher and is backed by Luxion, makers of KeyShot. From concept renderings to final marketing shots, KeyShot Studios is the ideal choice for clients that need stunning images and animations on tight deadlines.
Services include:

  • Concept images and animations of new products
  • Marketing images for automotive / large products too expensive to photograph
  • “Beyond real” imagery to show products in an aspirational context
  • Product configurators to show different asset variations and materials
  • Cutaway or exploded view images to show product assemblies
  • Web-store or catalog imagery for a family of products

Contact KeyShot Studios directly to discuss your next project. They can be reached at +1 (248) 251-7303‬ or

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