Now Available: OpenXR Integration and sketch tool in KeyVR Update

KeyVR users will enjoy OpenXR integration, a cool new Sketch Tool, as well as several performance and stability improvements in today's KeyVR update. 

OpenXR Integration 

This KeyVR release replaces the existing OpenVR and Oculus SDK support with OpenXR, which is more modern, stable, and maintainable. The immediate advantages are better overall performance, and fewer issues with the VR setup process. 

A major new feature with OpenXR is full Air Link support for the Oculus Quest 2 headset, which allows KeyVR to run fully wirelessly and enables truly immersive experiences. This works without image quality degradations or lag of any kind and is easy to set up using a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network connection. 

New Sketch Tool

The new Sketch tool enables you and your connected colleagues to sketch out innovative design ideas, mark up changes and annotate right in VR, without ever taking the headset off. 
Sketch works very much like the existing Measure tool. Once selected, your hands act as paint brushes to draw on existing geometry or in the air. You can add surface details or pointers, mark material changes, or sketch out new design ideas. 
With this tool, the trigger is used to apply paint. A lighter pull creates a thinner brush stroke, useful for intricate details and to achieve more expressive sketches. Pull it all the way to create a thicker brush stroke, great for bold linework. 

Sketch also complements existing KeyVR features. Sketches are retained with user scaling, during teleport, and alongside animated cameras. With KeyVR Connect, multiple users can each sketch their ideas in their chosen user color. We also added the ability to save and load sketches, so review is available later and nothing is ever lost. 

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Tara Cavanaugh
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