Luxion Adds New Boltaron®️ Materials to KeyShot Cloud

Luxion is excited to announce a new partnership with SIMONA Boltaron that brings Boltaron®️ thermoform plastic sheet materials to KeyShot Cloud.

To provide a wider range of material options to product designers, SIMONA Boltaron and Luxion have worked together to digitize its library of unique textures in KeyShot. Boltaron materials are available in any custom color and in a wide range of specialty textures, such as woodgrains, leathers, fine, coarse, and technical surface effects.

Boltaron is a high performance, lightweight thermoplastic material formulated to provide advanced chemical resistance, high impact strength and meet strict fire test requirements. These high-value materials are typically used for 2D and 3D molded parts across industries for interiors, medical equipment housing, electrical enclosures, cabinetry, institutional furniture, exhibition signage, POP displays, wall cladding, personal protection, and other thermoformed applications that require some level of impact, fire retardant, and chemical performance. Furthermore, Boltaron's lightweight, 100% recyclable materials are used for aircraft interior seat shells, tray tables, and other plane parts on most major airlines around the world.

KeyShot Cloud – a library of free resources created by KeyShot users and partners - now includes over 30  exclusive Boltaron materials with many more to come. These core materials offer even more options for KeyShot users allowing accurate material representation with the high-performance, lightweight thermoplastic materials used in the manufacturing of their design.

Boltaron materials are now available for use within KeyShot. To use, visit KeyShot Cloud (from KeyShot or at and view the Boltaron Material Collection or search for a Boltaron name or category.

About SIMONA Boltaron
SIMONA Boltaron is based in Newcomerstown, Ohio and is a subsidiary of SIMONA AG, a global thermoplastic manufacturer based in Kirn, Germany. For more information, visit

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