New KeyShot Video Course for Product Visualization

We're always on the lookout for incredible visuals created by KeyShot users and love to see others teaching what they've learned. Esben Oxholm, who readily shares his knowledge with others, has produced a KeyShot Video Course with six chapters and loads of information that takes you through the entire process.

He describes the course as:

"A step-by-step guide showing you how to create a photographic product visualization using KeyShot and Photoshop. Bite sized videos leads you comfortably through model import over custom material creation, composition and staging, tailor-made lighting to output and final post processing. Wether you’re beginner or intermediate user of KeyShot, I’m certain you’ll gain new skills that will leverage your future work."

Esben has been a regular contributor to the KeyShot community and a host on KeyShot webinars. He gave a presentation at this year's KeyShot RenderWorld on 'Capturing Mood with Lighting and Materials' and provides many KeyShot resources on his website.

The course comes with the binocular model, KeyShot scene, Photoshop files and assets so you can follow along with Esben and study the results. The 6 chapters include:

  1. Model import and preparation
  2. Custom material creation
  3. Staging and composition
  4. Custom lighting setup
  5. Output
  6. Post processing

The course will be officially available on Tuesday, August 1st for  a mere $20. If you sign up to be notified about it before that however, you can received 40% off the course.

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