New PANTONE® Colors for KeyShot

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    When you asked for colors, we didn't give you any old, ordinary colors. We teamed up with the company that knows color best. And now, we've got a fresh update for everyone who wants a complete palette of vibrant pastel, new neon, and fabulous fashion colors.

    Luxion is continuing its exclusive partnership with PANTONE® to bring you their color swatches right inside of KeyShot. You likely know all your fav color codes by heart and it couldn't be easier to use them in KeyShot. Just search, select, and drag and drop your colors onto any 3D geometry in your scene for instant color bliss. Run a quick search to browse by code or color and add them to a KeyShot Favorite for all your CMF, configurator, or color study needs.

    What's Included in the 2019 PANTONE Update?

    The  new PANTONE colors libraries include updates to:

    • PANTONE® Formula Guide Solid Coated
    • PANTONE® Formula Guide Solid Uncoated
    • PANTONE® Pastels & Neons Coated
    • PANTONE® Pastels & Neons Uncoated
    • PANTONE® Metallics Guide
    • PANTONE® Premium Metallics Guide

    New color libraries include:

    • Incremental Pantone Fashion Libraries (FHI)
      • FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Guide
      • FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Cotton Planner
      • FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Nylons Brights Set
      • FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Metallic Shimmers

    Download New PANTONE Colors for KeyShot

    The new PANTONE colors are available now as part of the exclusive collection of resources in the KeyShot Content Installer. The KeyShot Content installer contains additional resources to use in building your scene and is available for both Mac and Windows installations of KeyShot.

    View & Download KeyShot Content

    Dynamic Filter for Color Library

    You have a lot of options in working with colors inside KeyShot. From the Color Library, you can use the color picker to dynamically filter colors, including PANTONE colors, within folders and sub-folders to match any color selection on your screen. It's super simple and the following quick tip shows you just how to do it.




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