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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Tips - Apr 13, 2015

    KeyShot Material Spotlight: Paint

    The KeyShot paint material is a versatile material that has simple settings for quick applications of color. You can use paint on vehicles like cars or motorcycles, but you can also use them on any surface where you want a create a solid color with a clearcoat effect.
    Tips - Apr 10, 2015

    How to Add a Reflective Ground Plane in KeyShot

    While using the default ground plane to create ground reflections is fast and simple, creating a custom ground plane is extremely easy and will give you more control over your scene. Use this is as starting point and also experiment with using different material types to represent your ground for ev[...]
    Apr 9, 2015

    Animation of the Week: KeyShot Caustics

    We've seen some pretty intense optical simulations created in KeyShot and we're continually impressed with what users are doing. Esben Oxholm has created a mesmerizing sample of caustics animated in KeyShot. It's absolutely gorgeous, a perfect example of what's possible and the musical accompaniment[...]
    Tips - Apr 8, 2015

    How To Host a KeyShotVR on Google Drive or Dropbox

    Both Dropbox and Google Drive have ended support for hosting static web pages. Therefore, hosting a KeyShotVR on either of those platforms is no longer possible. However, outside of hosting it yourself, there is a better, easier way to host a KeyShotVR than either of these.
    Tips - Apr 6, 2015

    How To Use Depth of Field in KeyShot

    KeyShot has several advanced camera settings for fine-tuning the appearance of your visuals. The first one we'll look at is Depth of Field. Depth or Field (DOF) keeps one area of the image in focus while blurring the rest to focus the viewers attention on a specific object or detail orcreate more dr[...]
    Tips - Apr 1, 2015

    KeyShot Material Spotlight: Metal

    The Metal material is a simple way to create polished or rough metallic surfaces. It has a simplified UI where all you need to do is set the color and roughness. After that you're all done.
    Resources - Apr 1, 2015

    KeyShot Assets from Dosch Design

    Dosch Design is the creator of many high quality 3D graphics products for developing 3D visuals. In the past, they've provided some spectacular KeyShot specific HDRI's. Now, they have developed an even wider variety of KeyShot specific products with scenes, environments, effects, people, machines, c[...]
    Tips - Mar 27, 2015

    How to Link In-scene Materials in KeyShot

    When working with a complex model (or even a simple model) it's easy to have multiple copies of the same materials in your scene. For example, when applying a Polished Chrome material to multiple parts you may end up with a Chrome Polished #1, Chrome Polished #2, Chrome Polished #3 in your material [...]
    News - Mar 26, 2015

    Luxion is Growing! New HQ Coming Soon.

    Luxion is growing and, on April 6th, our new US headquarters will be open in a new building with more office space, meeting space and enough room to keep that growth continuing. Regular operating hours, including that for sales and technical support, will not be affected during the move. However, yo[...]
    News - Mar 24, 2015

    KeyShot World: The First Conference for All Things KeyShot | April 21

    KeyShot World, the first conference for all things KeyShot, is coming to you next month! On 21 April, 2015 from Motorworld in Stuttgart, Germany KeyShot users will have access to keynote sessions by professional KeyShot users and two workshop tracks to help take their lighting and material work to t[...]
    Tips - Mar 23, 2015

    How to Copy and Paste Materials in KeyShot

    Did you know you can copy and paste materials in KeyShot with a simple hotkey? As one of the most overlooked productivity enhancers, it can save a lot of time on applying materials. Along with copying the material it also links the material with the one copied. Copying and linking materials can be d[...]