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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features - Aug 14, 2014

    Loop iPad Case by Mozzic Rendered in KeyShot

    Every once in while, a product so simple comes along that solves so many problems. There are a lot of iPads and a lot of iPad cases--the options seem endless really. So, standing out in this area is a task in itself. Yet, as simple as Loop by Mozzic is, it solves the most common problem for iPad own[...]
    Features - Aug 13, 2014

    Andrew Baker's KeyShot Tips for 3D Artists

    More and more artists are finding that the combination of KeyShot and ZBrush is perfect for creating visuals for pre-viz and print. Andrew Baker, a character artist at Weta Workshop, has worked on such films as The Adventures of Tintin, District 9 and The Hobbit Trilogy. Recently he talked with 3D T[...]
    Tips - Aug 12, 2014

    KeyShot Advice from Character Artist Josh Herman

    Josh Herman was one of the many amazing artist at the inaugural ZBrush Summit and Gnomon Master Classes 2014. He has a long list of character work in major motion films, known as the creator of Iron Man's power suit and most recently, the magnificent Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. In his interv[...]
    News - Aug 8, 2014

    KeyShot for ZBrush Announced by Pixologic

    Today, Pixologic announced ZBrush 4R7 at the first ever ZBrush Summit and with it the news that the 64-bit version will come with "KeyShot for ZBrush" directly integrated inside ZBrush allowing users to quickly visualize their models as they work. Pixologic has provided a discussion board with detai[...]
    News - Aug 7, 2014

    See KeyShot in Action At Siggraph 2014

    We're ramping up for SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia this year. Next week we'll be there, Tuesday August 12 through Thursday, August 14, 2014 at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. We have some big news to announce next week, along with demonstrating the newest features in Key[...]
    Resources - Jul 31, 2014

    3DOTP - Fully Dedicated KeyShot Render Service

    3D Off The Page is a KeyShot render service provider with a render farm completely dedicated to running KeyShot renders. The team has recently relaunched their site providing a simple process and two set-ups to complete your KeyShot render or animation in a fraction of the time.
    Features - Jul 30, 2014

    Customer Spotlight: Leap Motion

    We've used keyboard and mouse for years. That's changing. Inspired by movies and thoughts about the future, some are aiming to break the requirement to point, type and click by recognizing the motion of our hands through the air. Motion gestures are moving off the screen and becoming part of our wor[...]
    Animation, Features - Jul 21, 2014

    Animation of the Week: CASIO Pro Trek PRW-6000

    The new Casio Pro Trek PRW-6000 was debuted at this year's Basel World with new technology that sets it apart as a must have for all outdor adventurers. With the debut, Antonio Pullano, Director of Photography at LovinLife Multimedia, and team set out to create exactly what the client needed. At the[...]
    Animation - Jul 9, 2014

    Learn KeyShot 3D Animation Essentials

    The KeyShot 3D Animation Essentials webinar is the second in our KeyShot Essentials series and available now. The webinar is absolutely packed with step-by-step instructions on using KeyShot Animation to create dramatic visuals of your 3d models. KeyShot Animation is an add-on product available for [...]
    Features - Jun 26, 2014

    Herbst Produkt Rocks Kickstarter with HYVE Modular Organziation

    What's modular, configuarable, scalable, locking, colorful and way cooler than any other storage containers on the market. One word. HYVE. HYVE is a new product launch on Kickstarter from design group Herbst Produkt. We talked with Scot Herbst last April about their workflow and how they use KeyShot[...]
    Jun 25, 2014

    Shopify Recommends KeyShot as One of 13 DIY Tools for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

    From the Shopify Blog, Dan Wang writes on e-commerce and selling online at Shopify, the world's largest online e-commerce platform. It his latest post, he lays out 13 DIY Tools for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign. The list is compiled straight from a veteran of successful Kickstarter campaigns, N[...]