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News - Jan 25, 2018

KeyShot 7.2 Released

News - Jan 25, 2018

KeyShot 7.2 Released

Today, we officially bring you the latest version of KeyShot - KeyShot 7.2.  KeyShot 7 introduced features providing more ways to create, more material possibilities, and more lighting control while increasing both flexibility and real-time speed. We build on that with KeyShot 7.2. 
Tips - Dec 22, 2017

How to Create Worn Painted Metal in KeyShot

In his latest video, Esben Oxholm shows you how to create a worn paint metal material in KeyShot. Esben creates the material using the basic materials and the KeyShot Material Graph, breaking down each step and each node in the process.
Tips - Dec 19, 2017

Architectural Exterior Render Using Rhino for Mac and KeyShot

In a new video from Simply Rhino, Phil Cook takes you through the process of creating an architectural exterior render with a 3D model created in Rhino for Mac and importing it directly into KeyShot to apply the Sun & Sky environment, along with the application of materials, textures and setup of ca[...]
Tips - Dec 8, 2017

How To Create Subtle Hairline Scratches in KeyShot

So, you're in need of some scratches. Not just any old scratch though - subtle, hairline scratches. As you see in the pool ball example here, a small amount of wear can add an incredible amount of realism. With KeyShot, you can create these scratch effects quite easily. We'll go over how to do it an[...]
News - Nov 26, 2017

The 2017 KeyShot Cyber Monday Deal Week

This week only, receive 20% OFF all KeyShot Upgrades and Add-ons. Use the code below at checkout and purchase now on the KeyShot store or through your local reseller.
News - Nov 24, 2017

The 2017 KeyShot Black Friday Sales Event

It begins! Our exclusive one-day only sales event to bring KeyShot to you at a special price is here. Discounts are valid today only, Friday, Nov. 24th - Purchase before Midnight PST. This is the only chance to get 20% OFF any new KeyShot license purchase. But stay tuned, this Monday we're bringing [...]
Tips - Nov 16, 2017

How to Create Light Beams in KeyShot 7

While KeyShot 7 doesn't have a dedicated light beam or fog feature there are a couple methods that provide a very flexible approach for adding light beams to your KeyShot scene.
News - Nov 16, 2017

KeyShot Import of SOLIDWORKS Motion Study... Coming Soon

If you're paying attention to the KeyShot forum, you'll see a quick teaser posted for an update to the KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS plugin - an update that will come with support for the import of SOLIDWORKS Motion Studies into KeyShot.
News - Nov 13, 2017

Mark Your Calendar: The 2017 KeyShot Black Friday Sales Event

Get ready! It’s time to spin up the deals for the annual KeyShot Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales Event.
Oct 30, 2017

2017 KeyShot Render Contest Winners

With a contest focused solely on the new materials in KeyShot 7, we were not sure what to expect. Once again, you amazed. A big thank you to everyone who took part in the contest!
Resources - Oct 19, 2017

100% Free High-Res HDRIs from HDRI Haven

Over the past year HDRI Haven has grown to become known as a resource for high quality HDRIs. Greg Zaal who runs the site and shoots the HDRIs available on the site used to sell the high quality, 16k HDRIs. Now, he's releasing them all for free. 
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