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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News - Mar 13, 2012

    KeyShot 3.1: Material Templates

    This is one of the new KeyShot 3.1 features I'm most excited about. If you've spent any amount of time applying materials to your models, you know it can take a bit of time, especially when you're working with a large assemblies or a lot of features. KeyShot 3.1 drops the time it takes to apply mate[...]
    Tips - Mar 13, 2012

    The Simple Process of Rendering Realistic Human Skin in KeyShot

    Skin. It's porous. It's also translucent, sometimes smooth and often bumpy. It's also very challenging to render... but not with KeyShot. Keyshot 2.1 introduced translucent materials that allow real-time subsurface scattering and a fast, simple way to dial in realistic looking skin inside KeyShot. I[...]
    Tips - Mar 12, 2012

    KeyShot 3.1: The New, Extremely Fast Metallic Paint

    With the new Metallic Paint Material in KeyShot 3.1, you can create the most realistic automotive renderings imaginable faster than ever and with complete control over the paint flake size and visibility. If you've seen what's new in KeyShot 3.1 you'll know this release has so many new features and [...]
    News - Mar 8, 2012

    KeyShot 3.1 is Here

    It's finally here. KeyShot 3.1 and a whole new level of creating images with speed that will make your eyes water with excitement. With this update we introduce a slew of time-saving new features - an absolutely stunning and very unique metallic paint material, an interactive Environment Editor that[...]
    Features - Feb 27, 2012

    3D Rendering of a Camaro Done in KeyShot

    Are there enough 3D renderings of Chevy Camaros in the world? Probably, but what's one more, especially when it's done in KeyShot and screaming across the dusty roads of the Icelandic plains. This one comes from KeyShot users Stef Varga who uses SolidWorks, Pro/E and other 3D modeling software to cr[...]
    Features - Feb 22, 2012

    The Extremely Detailed 3D Artistry of Vitaly Bulgarov

    "My passion for film and videogames led me down this path. I can be in both worlds at the same time: making cinematic trailers for Blizzard's amazing games."
    Features - Feb 17, 2012

    The 1923 TT Work Truck (and the Fabulous KeyShot Community)

    There's something mesmerizing about old cars and trucks, especially the ones that have a story behind them. And especially, the ones that people recreate amazing models and renderings of. If you hang around the KeyShot forums you'll know we have some car buffs and quite a few that have perfected the[...]
    News - Feb 13, 2012

    KeyShot 3.1 Announced. Metallic Paint, HDR Editing, Material Templates and More

    It hasn't been that long since KeyShot 3 came out, but that's not stopping us from releasing new features and more options for your 3D rendering and animation pleasure. Today, we're announcing KeyShot 3.1 and as you'll see, we've got a whole lot of awesome coming your way.
    Animation, News - Feb 13, 2012

    Develop3D Reviews KeyShot 3

    The latest issue of Develop3D has a lot of juicy morsels in it. Amongst the juiciest is a renderific review of KeyShot 3 that really gets at the core of the new features and how it all works together to complement the product development workflow. Have a look...
    Features, News - Feb 12, 2012

    The LDG KeyShot Custom Fixed-Gear Bike

    There's nothing quite like the beauty of custom, handcrafted work. Livery Design Gruppe (LDG) is known for beautiful, hand-crafted work and the attention to detail that seeps through every facet of their sleek fixed-gear bicycles. They design and manufacture complete bicycles from the steel or alumi[...]
    Animation - Feb 10, 2012

    KeyShot Animation of the Week: Watch Animation

    We're preparing some top secret surprised here at KeyShot HQ and this is just a glimpse of what's to come. This rendering was a model taken from 3ds Max directly into KeyShot, rendered and then animated. Brian Townsend put it together for... well, you'll just have to wait and see what will be seen o[...]