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Customers - Apr 27, 2017

Award Winning Product Design Visualized Using KeyShot

Christoph Kuppert is an award winning Product Designer from Germany. His latest design, Bottlelight, is a portable UV water purifier with a camping light. It's the winner of numerous awards including  the European Product Design Award, IF Student Design Award, Spark Concept Award and the Industart I[...]
Tips - Apr 11, 2017

How to Create Procedural Clear-Coated Carbon Fiber in KeyShot

Out of the millions of materials and material combinations you can produce in KeyShot, one of the most popular in clear-coated carbon fiber.  It can be applied quickly using a KeyShot procedural texture or taken even further using the KeyShot Material Graph.
News - Apr 7, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Attend KeyShot RenderWorld 2017

Why are people attending KeyShot RenderWorld? It's one place where you can master product visual creation using KeyShot and learn directly from other KeyShot users. But there's more.
Customers - Apr 7, 2017

How TB&O Uses KeyShot to Empower Clients and Deliver Amazing Visuals

Thomas Burke & Others (TB&O) straddles the line of photography and CGI, using both to tell the stories brands haven't thought of until TB&O shows them what's possible. One of their latest projects is the Apollo twin for Universal Audio. You may have seen the product images, and most would say they'r[...]
Resources - Mar 23, 2017

Master KeyShot Materials - Headphone Practice Scene

In his latest forum post, Esben Oxholm shares another scene for both model and material practice. Modeling the pair of headphones in modo, he imports the model into KeyShot to work his material magic, and through the KeyShot scene file shares how to approach the camera setup, the material setup and [...]
Resources - Mar 22, 2017

ClusterFarm - Fully Dedicated KeyShot Render Service is a KeyShot render service provider with a render farm completely dedicated to running KeyShot renders. The team utilizes the latest Intel hardware to speed the render time for your time-sensitive projects. They have three hourly pricing tiers based on your rendering and support nee[...]
Resources - Mar 17, 2017

Comic Book Style Illustration Using ZBrush and KeyShot

Stéphane (Wootha) Richard is a concept artist from Lyon, France working in the TV, animation gaming and publishing industries with an talent for creating rich environments and using techniques you wouldn't normally think of for incredible results. 
News - Mar 13, 2017

KeyShot RenderWorld Keynote Speaker Announced - Chip Foose

We are excited to announce Chip Foose as the keynote speaker for KeyShot RenderWorld 2017! 
News - Mar 10, 2017

KeyShot for Rhino plugin on Mac OS X: Now Available

We're excited to announce the KeyShot for Rhino plugin on Mac OS X is now available. You waited a long time for Rhino on Mac. We didn't want the wait to be just as long for the KeyShot for Rhino plugin. The KeyShot dev team has put the finishing touches on the features and the plugin is now ready fo[...]
Animation - Mar 7, 2017

Animating Hinges with Multiple Pivot Points in KeyShot

Above: An articulated hinge, modeled in SketchUp and animated using KeyShot Pro.
Tutorials - Feb 15, 2017

KeyShot Scripting Tutorial – Automate Your Rendering

What is Scripting? KeyShot Scripting allows you to automate repetitive task and build other customizations for KeyShot. KeyShot uses Python scripting, introduced with KeyShot 6.0, to provide you with more automation and reduce time-consuming processes. Automating tasks through scripts is also a grea[...]
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