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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News - Nov 3, 2011

    Rendering for Creo with the New KeyShot Plugin

    Image reproduced by kind permission of Vocis Ltd. 3D modeled using Creo Elements Pro. Are you a new Creo transplant from Pro/E? Well, if so, here's a quick how to for you. Need an incredible rendering? Step 1) Download the new KeyShot for Creo plugin. That's it. DONE. The new plugin takes your Creo [...]
    Animation - Nov 2, 2011

    Animation of the Week: First KeyShot Animation by Phillip Renato

    What is that thing? I have no idea. But since it was modeled and animated by Phillip Renato, Associate Professor, Chair at the Allesee Metals/Jewelry Design Program, I'm guessing it's something, or the start of something, that will adorn your beautiful physique to make you look even more beautiful. [...]
    News - Nov 2, 2011

    And the Winner of the KeyShot 3 Halloween Rendering Contest Is...

    Mist! Yes, the person known as 'Mist' in the forums is the proud new owner of a license of KeyShot 3. You can see the fancy rendering above and the full resolution version after the jump, along with a few others images of horror that put the scare into the half our sales staff and Thomas Teger's lef[...]
    Features - Oct 31, 2011

    Cascadia Design Studio: Custom Titanium Ring Design with MoI and KeyShot

    If you are a jewelry designer, or involved with any type of product photogoraphy, you know the challenge of getting consistent photos and the time that can go into taking them. Ed Ferguson knows about this all too well. Ed started Cascadia Design Studio in the Great state of Washington, just 30 mile[...]
    Tips - Oct 28, 2011

    KeyShot Quicktip: 'Glass' and 'Solid Glass' Material Types Explained

    Glass! It's a wonderful thing. You can break it over your knee, then use it to cut through the rope holding down a glass box of KeyShot 3. A glass box of KeyShot 3 you need to render a glass box using KeyShot 3... it's a bit of odd, space-time shifting paradox, I agree. But what happens when you ope[...]
    Features - Oct 26, 2011

    Designing the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone

    A big thanks to Andy Shaw for spotting KeyShot in a new video from Nokia on the design of the flashy, new Windows Phone... the Lumia 800. This week, Nokia World 2011 is going on and coverage on Nokia's new lines of phones and mobile devices is in full bore. Nokia is a KeyShot customer and, as you ca[...]
    News - Oct 24, 2011

    Where In the World Is KeyShot? Graphics Systems User Conference

    KeyShot is tearing across the Midwest this week. We've hit Detroit Motor city (you can guess what that means. awww yeah.) and we're heading up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for one ruckus SolidWorks User Group Conference. The Graphic's System User conference. Why so ruckus? Well, KeyShot's very own Jeff[...]
    News - Oct 21, 2011

    Where in the World is KeyShot's Garrett Paymon? One Guess...

    When we need to ship someone to the far reaches of the earth, we calculate the exact furthest distance, triangulate that with isolation and a Pizza Hut, then go ALL OUT. Like when we shipped Garrett Paymon, one of illustrious Account Managers, over to the countryside you see above. He has spent that[...]
    Animation - Oct 21, 2011

    Animation of the Week: Two Hot KeyShot Animations to Take You Through the Weekend

    Whoa! Friday already? We nearly missed featuring some skin-slappin' animations from KeyShot 3, going into the weekend with shakes and unbecoming withdrawal symptoms. Not to worry! We've got TWO animations this week. A couple quick little beauties to tide you over. One from our very own KeyShot devel[...]
    Oct 20, 2011

    What File Formats Does KeyShot Support?

    What formats does KeyShot support? I'm so glad to pretend you asked. I could just say, "All of them." and while that's partially true, I think I should just show you so there's no doubt. Before you look though, there's one thing to note. KeyShot is the first application ever to support all these for[...]
    Features - Oct 19, 2011

    KeyShot Gets Some SteamPunk Render Love

    You can slap brass, gears and goggles on just about anything and turn it more steampunk than your grandaddy's robot leg, but how do you crank a retro-futuristic rendering out of the depths of KeyShot? Magic shine and little time my friends. In other words, you can do what KeyShot user Jonfer Maia ha[...]