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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Tips - Sep 21, 2017

    How to Create Three Point Lighting in KeyShot

    Esben Oxholm has a new video to take you through the process of creating three-point lighting using the HDRI Editor in KeyShot 7. 
    News - Sep 19, 2017

    KeyShot 7.1 Now Available

    Today, we're excited to bring you KeyShot 7.1. We've had a lot of feedback on the new features - people raving about the new materials, loving the customization, the improved texture mapping and the integrated HDR Editor. And since the release of KeyShot 7, we've continued making improvements and re[...]
    Resources - Sep 7, 2017

    KeyShot Ready Scans on _blankRepository

    _blankRepository, who specializes in production quality 3D food scans, has published a new set of highly detailed KeyShot-ready assets. The series contains individual 3D fruit model scans with all material setup done in KeyShot by Esben Oxholm.
    News - Aug 16, 2017

    KeyShot 7 for ZBrush Now Available

    We're excited to announce that KeyShot 7 for ZBrush is now available.
    Tips - Aug 10, 2017

    How to Migrate KeyShot Resources to KeyShot 7

    KeyShot 7 is out. And with that, all the KeyShot resources - the materials, environments, textures and backplates - have been updated to take advantage of the latest KeyShot material, texture and environment capabilities. 
    News - Aug 2, 2017

    KeyShot 7 is Here

    Today, we are very excited to bring you our latest release - KeyShot 7. 
    Features - Jul 27, 2017

    Using KeyShot 7 To Animate the Specialized Epic Brain 2.0

     Whenever you see visuals produced by TB&O, you can be sure the utmost care, attention to accuracy and detail  has been taken. You've seen it in the Specialized Venge project, the product visuals for Universal Audio's Apollo Twin and you can see it in others on their website.  The same holds true fo[...]
    Resources - Jul 26, 2017

    New KeyShot Video Course for Product Visualization

    We're always on the lookout for incredible visuals created by KeyShot users and love to see others teaching what they've learned. Esben Oxholm, who readily shares his knowledge with others, has produced a KeyShot Video Course with six chapters and loads of information that takes you through the enti[...]
    Tips - Jul 18, 2017

    How to Use Poliigon Textures in KeyShot

    If you've looked around online for textures, you've likely come across Poliigon. Their wide array of high quality textures are rich in detail, can be used across different 3D software and come with various map types to get your models looking much more realistic than they would otherwise.
    News - Jun 28, 2017

    KeyShot RenderWorld 2017 Recap

    KeyShot RenderWorld 2017 was the single largest event we've put on to date, bringing KeyShot users together from around the world, with diverse knowledge and skillsets, to hear their experiences and learn from each other.
    News - Jun 22, 2017

    Buy or Upgrade to KeyShot 6, Get KeyShot 7 Free.

    With KeyShot 7 Beta starting up and the KeyShot 7 release getting closer, now is a perfect time to upgrade to or purchase KeyShot 6 and lock in a free upgrade to KeyShot 7. 
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