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Animation - Jun 7, 2016

Animation of the Week: Kobra Smartwatch Concept

Our KeyShot 'Animation of the Week' is the Kobra Smartwatch concept by Sebas Gomez. Sebas is an automotive designer by trade, but he also shares a lot of product design renders and concepts outside of automotive. His latest, shared via the KeyShot forum, is a smartwatch concept that is, honestly, on[...]
News - Jun 7, 2016

Join Us For INNEO Interactive 2016

On June 16, INNEO Solutions will be hosting INNEO Interactive 2016, a full day of process-oriented keynotes and sessions for users of PTC products or KeyShot.
Contest - Jun 6, 2016

Darko Markovic Wins 'The Journey' With Visuals Created Using KeyShot

When Darko Markovic first posted his idea for a future concept vehicle, we knew it was going to be epic. The theme of Artstation's 'The Journey' challenge was to 'capture a stage of the journey' and to 'convince the viewer to care about the story'. Darko knew scale was going to be central to his con[...]
Quick Tips - May 26, 2016

Quick Tip 51: Embossed and Debossed Logos

In this Quick Tip, you'll learn how to make embossed and debossed logos on any geometry within KeyShot 6. Modeling a logo into a piece of geometry can be a time-consuming process. KeyShot speeds up your workflow by allowing you to use graphics to create convincing embossed or debossed logos.
Animation - May 24, 2016

Animation of the Week: Fender Pro In-Ear Monitors by Esben Oxholm

If you follow Esben Oxholm on Instagram or on the KeyShot Forum, you know he produces some amazing work using KeyShot and has done a lot of interesting experiments with different workflows that include KeyShot Animation. Recently, he shared a project done for Fender for the launch of the Fender Pro [...]
Quick Tips - Apr 28, 2016

Quick Tip 50: Save Reminders

In this video we show how to enable a new feature to KeyShot 6, Save Reminders. This new feature will notify you to save your work at a variety of times! Leaving you to focus on your scene and less time remembering when you last saved.
Tips - Apr 28, 2016

Using KeyShot Alongside Onshape

There are many ways you can benefit from using Onshape and KeyShot together. Here are a couple tricks that can increase your design productivity. Below is an image that took me less than two minutes from start to finish to complete. Using a few of these simple strategies will allow you to easily do [...]
News - Mar 25, 2016

Google Nik Collection Now Free

If you use Photoshop at all, you most likely have your own custom set of plug-ins and filters to help with your photo and image editing. And most likely you've heard of Nik, Google's amazing photo editing tool that works with Photoshop to give you an edge on advanced editing. It was $150 for the col[...]
Contest - Mar 24, 2016

The Rookies International Awards

Luxion is proud to sponsor The Rookies International Awards with their inaugural launch of a new product design category. Submit your entry before the deadline!
Quick Tips - Mar 18, 2016

Quick Tip 49: Materials On Labels

In this video we show new label capabilities in KeyShot 6 that allows you to more accurately communicate physical properties by applying materials and textures directly to labels.
Tips - Mar 16, 2016

3 Ways KeyShot Helps Create Amazing Portfolio Pieces

There's one question we get a lot and that's how to create a portfolio that stands out above the rest. With all the creativity out there and all the sites that provide a way to host a portfolio, you would think this one of the easier parts of the process, but since it is a process and takes time to [...]
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