How to Use KeyShot's Paint Selection to Split Object Surfaces

KeyShot Pro comes with many geometry tools to manage and work with your imported models. One of those is the Split Object Surface Tool. Today, we'll look at the tool and the Paint Selection feature for quick selection and splitting of model surfaces.

Split Object Paint Selection

To get started with the Paint Selection feature, open the Split Object Surfaces window by going to the Ribbon menu and selecting Tools, Split Object Surfaces under the Geometry Tools or by right-clicking on a surface and selecting Split Object Surfaces.


1. Adjust the Brush Size

With the window open, you’ll see options under the Splitting Method with Polygons for both marquee selection and the brush selection. Here, you’ll also find the Brush selection size slider, which can be controlled via the numerical input field or adjusting the slider between the values of 0.01 and 0.2.

2. Paint Your Selection

Make sure the Polygons option is selected, set the brush to the desired selection size and begin painting the surface you would like to split. To continue adding to your selection, simply hold down Ctrl (Windows)/Option (macOS) and Alt-key together. This will ensure all selected polygons are grouped together and makes it easy to paint complex surfaces or different sides of the model.

This is just one way KeyShot is making selection and geometry editing easier and the beginning of more paint capabilities to come. You can learn more about the Split Object Selection Tool and other Geometry Tools in the KeyShot Manual. If you're interested in trying KeyShot Pro, just visit

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