Tamaggo's Innovative New 360 Degree Camera Visualized Using KeyShot

by KeyShot | Jun 25, 2013 | Features | 13 Comments


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    When you take a photo, do you ever think of capturing an entire 360 degree area with one click? It's never been possible, not until now that is. Tamaggo has developed what many are calling the most revolutionary consumer electronic product this year. The ibi 360 is a small, handheld device that allows you to capture your surroundings as still image or video. It's an amazing product you can hold in your hand and carry with you to capture life and all of your adventures. They used PTC Creo in the design and development of the product and KeyShot to create the visuals. Stephen Lepage, CTO of Tamaggo, filled us in on how KeyShot improves their workflow.

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    KeyShot is a dramatic improvement in our workflow... it has brought back rendering as a useful tool for design."

    For most of the development, Tamaggo used another high end rendering software, but soon began actively searching for a solution that wouldn't require massive hours of setup and rendering times. "KeyShot was the perfect answer for us." Stephene says, "Seamlessly import from PTC Creo, interactive material application and quick rendering is a dream come true for us. It allowed us to quickly render concepts and use this to forward the design work. KeyShot is a dramatic improvement in our workflow. Basically, it has brought back rendering as a useful tool for design, on top of being extremely efficient to present realistic visuals to non-technical people."

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