The Latest Mixed Reality Experience with Varjo and KeyVR


When you go from creating sheets of 2D images for layout and viewing on a table to viewing and interacting with the product at any angle in a natural environment, it's truly transformative. It transforms how you experience the product, helping you evaluate designs, speed design decisions, and bring products to market faster. 

Mixed Reality with Varjo and KeyVR

Like Varjo, Luxion is on a mission to transform the way professionals work and experience reality and with KeyVR, we're focused on making it as easy as possible. In fact, it's the first application that takes you from 3D scene to immersive VR environment in one click. And now, through our partnership with Varjo, we're excited to introduce mixed reality capabilities with the latest release of KeyVR and the unmatched visual fidelity of the Varjo XR-3 headset.

With the new release of Varjo Base 3.1, Varjo includes mixed reality enhancements for KeyVR which now supports alpha channel transparency. This is all enabled with one-click to enter XR mode, which replaces the virtual environment with a feed from the Varjo XR-3, allowing you to experience your model in your current real-life surroundings.

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The latest release of KeyVR supports Alpha Channel, making it fully XR compatible.

Start Using KeyVR with Varjo Base

We're excited to bring this new capabilities to you and can't wait to see how it transforms your product development process. The latest version of KeyVR with support for Varjo XR headsets is available soon. For early access to this version or questions about KeyVR, please contact us below:

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