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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Animation - Oct 11, 2012

    Creative Applications of KeyShot Animation

    You've brought your models into KeyShot, but have you ever thought about bringing your sketches in as well? Sasha Smolin has shared some work in the KeyShot forums recently featuring very creative uses of KeyShot--the most recent featuring his wonderful sketch style. What better way to show those sk[...]
    Animation, Features - Oct 4, 2012

    Jugo Two-handed Juicer Squeezes Sweet KeyShot Render Juice Into Your Eye

    If ever there was a two-handed juicer in the history of two-handed juicers, this two-handed juicer would perhaps be the most spectacular around. It is, in fact, the most (and only) well-animated two-handed juicer we've seen and we have Boaz Zemer to thank for that. Boaz Zemer is a third year Industr[...]
    Animation, Features - Oct 3, 2012

    Animation of the Week: Tube Runner by Simon Williamson

    Simon Williamson is Associate Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. with a focus on Digital Art, Industrial Design and kickass sci-fi ships and vehicles. You've likely seen his work in ID Magazine, 3D Artist or various sites online. He's a long time KeyShot user and recently [...]
    Animation, Features - Sep 24, 2012

    Animation of the Week: Camaro by Abed Sabeh

    The look of red on a Camaro as it tears past you on the open road is a glorious experience. The epic visuals of a red Camaro as created by Abed Sabeh is equally a site to behold. Abed has bee sharing samples of his renderings via the forums and we've had an internal bet that the next animation he sh[...]
    Animation, Features - Sep 19, 2012

    The Square. Rendered in KeyShot, Successfully Funded.

    What if a design change was so simple it became revolutionary? The water bottle. There are literally thousands of designs. Yet, most make the water taste like metal or plastic and roll away if tipped over. The Square changes that and Clean Bottle has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to th[...]
    Animation, Tips - Jul 17, 2012

    Five Tips For Creating Animations in KeyShot

    "Really?! It's that easy? You have got to be kidding me." We hear that all the time. If you use it, you know how simple it is, If you've not tried it, it's easy to start and if you are either KeyShot model animating master or just getting started, we're here to give you a few tips to help with the a[...]
    Animation, Contest - Jul 12, 2012

    Winners of the KeyShot Engine Rendering Contest!

    Another AMAZING contest and we are all thoroughly impressed with the submissions from both the KeyShot and GrabCAD community. This was a very challenging contest to judge. There a a lot of great entries that meet the criteria of creativity, realism and composition. In the end, we had to narrow it do[...]
    Animation - May 17, 2012

    The KeyShot Helicopter is Takin' Off

    Is this an animation of the KeyShot Helicopter taking off to spread the joy of kick-butt rendering around the world or an actual video? The paint job is extra rockin' don't you think? And yes, the Chrysler 300 that pulls into the foreground, that's the Luxion top-secret render tech transport with bl[...]
    Animation - May 14, 2012

    Animation of the Week: KeyShot Watch by Abed Sabeh

    That odd throbbing sensation you have? You know, the one in back of your oculars when you look into the computer screen? It's not an aneurysm. It's the pulsating magnificence that is the KeyShot 3D Rendering competition. We started it at the beginning of May. We're halfway through with over 60 rende[...]
    Animation, Features - Apr 10, 2012

    First Renderings and Animations with KeyShot

    It's a wonderful thing when you can sit down at your computer, upload a model and create a batch of incredible 3D renderings in just a few minutes. Michael Lord is a SolidWorks users from Sydney, Australia who designs motorhomes and special purpose vehicles at Trakka. He has been testing out KeyShot[...]
    Animation, News - Mar 26, 2012

    KeyShot 3.1: Mirror and Duplicate Your KeyShot Animations

    With KeyShot 3.0 we introduced the easiest to use animation system ever fathomed. It uses a simple timeline with animations applied to cameras or objects. No need for keyframes and no need for paths. Clean, simple. Now, with KeyShot 3.1 we've added a few more features that make working with the KeyS[...]
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