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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features - Apr 8, 2020

    Customer Spotlight: Jacob Fine - PepsiCo

    At KeyShot World 2020 we had the great honor to have several speakers from the some of the most adored brands in the world. One of those presenters was Jacob Fine, Associate Design Manager at PepsiCo. Jacob not only shared about his journey with KeyShot but also provided insight into the many differ[...]
    Features - Mar 9, 2020

    GPU Rendering in KeyShot

    KeyShot 9 introduces the ability to harness the full GPU-accelerated ray tracing power of NVIDIA RTX with OptiX.
    Features - Mar 3, 2020

    New Vanity Scene Shows the Power of Caustics in KeyShot

    We're excited to bring you new scene to demonstrate the power of caustics in KeyShot 9. At first glance, there's nothing too out of the ordinary about this scene. It's simply a few cosmetic products on a countertop. They're items you may see off to the side of a bathroom shot, but also items that ma[...]
    Features - Jul 8, 2019

    How the 'I Am Mother' Droids Were Born

    When you see, I Am Mother, the highly anticipated Sci-Fi thriller from Netflix, you'll notice the eerie natural movement that goes along with the unnervingly eerie voice of Mother. Mother is a robot, designed to repopulate the earth in an extinction event, that is tasked with raising a singular huma[...]
    Features - Mar 13, 2019

    Alita: Battle Angel Concepts Rendered in KeyShot By Vitaly Bulgarov

    Alita: Battle Angel, a live-action remake of the '90s Japanese manga series Gunnm, was released February 14, 2019 to a lot of mixed reviews from fans and critics, but those who know the artist involved can't say enough about, or get enough of, the concepts and visuals that went into the production. [...]
    Features - Apr 18, 2018

    Thank You to the RenderWorld Product Sponsors

    We wouldn't be able to put on a conference like RenderWorld without the help of our incredible sponsors. They'll be right outside the main session area sharing their latest tech, capabilities and services, but today we want to take an opportunity to let you know about our product sponsors. 
    Features - Jul 27, 2017

    Using KeyShot 7 To Animate the Specialized Epic Brain 2.0

     Whenever you see visuals produced by TB&O, you can be sure the utmost care, attention to accuracy and detail  has been taken. You've seen it in the Specialized Venge project, the product visuals for Universal Audio's Apollo Twin and you can see it in others on their website.  The same holds true fo[...]
    Features - May 25, 2017

    Amazing Split-face Sculpt Rendered in KeyShot

    Marco Di Lucca never ceases to amaze us and we're always, always delighted when he publishes new work. That's absolutely the case this week with his latest work that started out of a 'random lunch break sculpt.'
    Features - Apr 27, 2017

    Award Winning Product Design Visualized Using KeyShot

    Christoph Kuppert is an award winning Product Designer from Germany. His latest design, Bottlelight, is a portable UV water purifier with a camping light. It's the winner of numerous awards including  the European Product Design Award, IF Student Design Award, Spark Concept Award and the Industart I[...]
    Features - Apr 7, 2017

    How TB&O Uses KeyShot to Empower Clients and Deliver Amazing Visuals

    Thomas Burke & Others (TB&O) straddles the line of photography and CGI, using both to tell the stories brands haven't thought of until TB&O shows them what's possible. One of their latest projects is the Apollo twin for Universal Audio. You may have seen the product images, and most would say they'r[...]
    Features - Aug 29, 2016

    New Pilot Renders By Vitaly Bulgarov

    Early today, Vitaly Bulgarov shared some of the new personal work for his Black Phoenix Project, Pilot 2. Bringing back memories of his previous Pilot render, this new version brings in more color, less carbon fiber, an insane amount of detail and all the awesome Vitaly is known for.
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