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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features - Aug 24, 2012

    First Try With KeyShot... It Really is This Easy.

    I absolutely love getting emails from people who are users of KeyShot and those trying KeyShot for the very first time. I received an email a couple days ago from a HiDynamic Productions who create CGI's for Automotive, Urban and Landscape settings as well as extremely rich HDRI's. These are their f[...]
    Features - Aug 21, 2012

    The Inspirational CG Sculptures of Maarten Verhoeven

    Sometimes, it doesn't take a whole set of different materials to create an jaw-dropping, incredibly detailed rendering of a 3D model. Maarten Verhoeven is an exceptional CG sculptor and designer. If you frequent the KeyShot forums, there's no doubt you've seen his work. We'd like to pass along a few[...]
    Features - Aug 16, 2012

    Customer Spotlight: Sprout Studios Brings Home Sweet Product Design Innovation

    Innovation is a big word. With it, comes a lot of assumption and a lot of expectation. One company meeting those expectations is Sprout Studios, a multidisciplinary Cambridge-based design firm. For Sprout, you can also use words like iconic, creative and wow. They're our Customer Spotlight this mont[...]
    Features - Aug 1, 2012

    Customer Spotlight: Stanley Black & Decker Using KeyShot for 3D Rendering and Animation

    Have you ever thought about what's behind the images of the DeWalt power tools you see online and in the stores? We'll give you one guess. Jason Busschaert is an award winning designer and Sr. Project Industrial Designer at Stanley Black & Decker Inc. where they are using KeyShot to produce 3D rende[...]
    Features - Jul 24, 2012

    TAGTOOL Stylus Pen and Pencil Visualized Using KeyShot

    Last week, on July 16th, GRIFITI product design and development group had the TAGTOOL, their first Kickstarter project, successfully funded. The TAGTOOL is a stylus, but so much more. The group loves mechanical pencils, fountain pens & rollerball pens. So, they combined these with a stylus nib to br[...]
    Features - Jun 27, 2012

    EntaStudios Using KeyShot for Amazing Vehicle Design

    There are many design firms, but few standout as pushing the envelop of design and truly capturing what's possible. EntaStudio is one of these. A design house out of Turkey with deep roots in creating exceptional design, they cover a wide array of design discipline mixed with a love for vehicles. Th[...]
    Features - Jun 25, 2012

    Formation Design: Completing the Product Design Process with KeyShot

    KeyShot is used to create 3D rendering all along the product design process. This can be from the beginning, at concept visualization, to the end, when images are needed for marketing or manufacturing. Formation Design is a product development firm out of Atlanta Georgia whose capabilities range fro[...]
    Features - Jun 11, 2012

    Customer of the Month: Adam Wist Creates Photorealistic Visuals with KeyShot

    There is an incredible amount of work that goes into the engineering of diesel engine system. The process that use to take place on paper and vellum with strait-edge and pencil has been replaced by the 3D modeling and given a photorealistic look before it even hits the production line with 3D render[...]
    Features - Jun 1, 2012

    The Simple, Subtle Details of a Well Design Pen

    If you're a designer, an engineer or an artist, you probably have a favorite pen. I may completely define you. At the very least, you know the value of a tool that can spill forth your thoughts, ideas and imaginings onto a blank sheet of paper. Alex Tatner explored the finer points of pen design in [...]
    Features - May 30, 2012

    The Masterful 3D Renderings of Mikael Lugnegård

    When an image spills forth emotion, you know the creator can capture the essence of the design perfectly. That's exactly what Mikael Lugnegård is capable of. Mikael is an incredible Digital Artist from Sweden, developing design ideas and concepts using KeyShot as part of his trademark rendering proc[...]
    Features - May 10, 2012

    B9Creator Kickstarter Project Visualized with KeyShot

    Michael Joyce has just launched a Kickstarter project for his B9Creator, a high resolution 3D printer, that, if funded successfully, will provide the ability of creating hi-def 3D prints. Michael shared the unique features of this printer and how he used KeyShot to help visualize the product variati[...]