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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features - Apr 26, 2012

    The Beautiful Automotive Renderings of Tim Feher

    Tim Feher isn't just a CGI artist. he's a sculptor of incredibly detailed compositions that provide a visual feast for the eyes and deliver the message of the product with an impact that is both precise and beautiful. Tim is also a very active participant on the KeyShot forums, show the process he g[...]
    Features - Apr 23, 2012

    Rendering Clothing in KeyShot

    Peter Kolus decided to try out KeyShot. This Adidas jacket is one of his first renderings. His girlfriend Ania Mierzejewska modeled the clothes using Marvelous Designer and Peter created the renderings. What a team!
    Features, Tips - Apr 12, 2012

    Using KeyShot and Flash to Create an Interactive Website Presentation

    It’s true. KeyShot users create incredible 3D renderings and animations. You’ve probably seen a lot of product design images on website and wouldn’t even know that they were once drab, colorless 3D geometry. A few minutes in KeyShot and that drab geometry is turned into a photorealistic image. It’s [...]
    Features - Apr 11, 2012

    Incredible New 3D Renderings Using Custom HDRI's and Scratch Maps

    Joy of joys while browsing the forum this morning. Wonderful, new photo-realistic images to feast thine eyes upon. There's nothing better than that. The images you see below are from the first forum post of a new KeyShot user and a great examples of how fast KeyShot can create 3D renderings.
    Animation, Features - Apr 10, 2012

    First Renderings and Animations with KeyShot

    It's a wonderful thing when you can sit down at your computer, upload a model and create a batch of incredible 3D renderings in just a few minutes. Michael Lord is a SolidWorks users from Sydney, Australia who designs motorhomes and special purpose vehicles at Trakka. He has been testing out KeyShot[...]
    Features - Apr 2, 2012

    Capturing the Flora and Fauna of Sweden with KeyShot

    Some of the most captivating 3D renderings I've seen are of creatures, humans and characters, but little did I know the extent of how and where they are being used. Anders Rådén is a KeyShot user. He creates some of the most intricate models of insects and animals you will ever see. He's not creatin[...]
    Features - Mar 29, 2012

    The Insanely Cool, Precision Machined Product Design of Matt Tremblay

    Matt Tremblay, Chief Designer at RED Digital Cinema and founder of RogueDZN, has been a long time user of KeyShot, bringing incredibly detailed visuals of top-of-the-line Digital Film cameras and custom luxury jewelry to the eyes of people around the world. We caught up with Matt to ask him about ho[...]
    Features - Feb 27, 2012

    3D Rendering of a Camaro Done in KeyShot

    Are there enough 3D renderings of Chevy Camaros in the world? Probably, but what's one more, especially when it's done in KeyShot and screaming across the dusty roads of the Icelandic plains. This one comes from KeyShot users Stef Varga who uses SolidWorks, Pro/E and other 3D modeling software to cr[...]
    Features - Feb 22, 2012

    The Extremely Detailed 3D Artistry of Vitaly Bulgarov

    "My passion for film and videogames led me down this path. I can be in both worlds at the same time: making cinematic trailers for Blizzard's amazing games."
    Features - Feb 17, 2012

    The 1923 TT Work Truck (and the Fabulous KeyShot Community)

    There's something mesmerizing about old cars and trucks, especially the ones that have a story behind them. And especially, the ones that people recreate amazing models and renderings of. If you hang around the KeyShot forums you'll know we have some car buffs and quite a few that have perfected the[...]
    Features, News - Feb 12, 2012

    The LDG KeyShot Custom Fixed-Gear Bike

    There's nothing quite like the beauty of custom, handcrafted work. Livery Design Gruppe (LDG) is known for beautiful, hand-crafted work and the attention to detail that seeps through every facet of their sleek fixed-gear bicycles. They design and manufacture complete bicycles from the steel or alumi[...]