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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features, News - Feb 6, 2012

    Importing 3D Models Into KeyShot and More by CA Clark.

    Craig A Clark has an abosulutely FABULOUS article on Scorpio CGI about importing models into KeyShot 3. He goes into great detail about importing a model, but that's not all. He also covers six other aspects you'll go through during the rendering process and throws in some best practice along the wa[...]
    Features - Jan 31, 2012

    The Fabulous, Colorful KeyShot Creations of Crayola

    How would you like to think of an idea for a toy design, model it up and create renderings of it... every day. Sounds like a tough job doesn't it? Well, that is exactly what Anthony Monzo does. Anthony is an Industrial Designer and the Product Design Manager of the Crayola Product Design Team. We ta[...]
    Features - Jan 24, 2012

    Blue Sky CGI Uses KeyShot to Take Automotive Rendering and Animation to the Next Level

    There's hardly a day goes by that I don't see a car advertisement on the television or in a magazine and wonder if it's a 3D rendering or a photograph. Odds are it is a rendering and it's studios like Blue Sky CGI who are making it happen with spectacular style while keeping us guessing with the pho[...]
    Animation, Features - Dec 13, 2011

    First Renderings and Animations in KeyShot.

    I don't know about you, but I am SO glad there are more animation options in KeyShot than just turntable. Can I get a high five and a bag o' chips on that one? Philip Renato is glad as well. He's Associate Professor at Kendall College of Art and Design you may remember him from the first animation h[...]
    Features - Dec 8, 2011

    Ferrite - Interactive Liquid Sculpture. Incredibly Cool. Rendered and Animated in KeyShot.

    How cool would it be if you could harness the invisible waveforms of the world's magnetic power in a small vessel that sits atop your desk? Then, what if you could shock people into gum-swallowing awe by manipulating the liquid inside with magnets you've implanted beneath your fingertips... Perhaps,[...]
    Features - Nov 29, 2011

    The Visual FX Mastery and Character Rendering of Greg Strasz

    The sky cracked open, spilling light against the dusted air and silvery layers of the ancient creature's luminous membrane. That may describe the image above, but even more it describes the revelation you're about to receive into how some of the coolest visual effects are created in film and the pro[...]
    Features - Nov 22, 2011

    The Spectacular Steampunk Design Sweetness of Bill Gould

    Sure, this isn't the first time we've featured Steampunk style renderings here on the KeyShot blog, but it is the first time you'll see a Steampunk Table Lamp. Designer and KeyShot user Bill Gould is known for his small medical device design and the Edimobile Portable Talking Box he displayed last y[...]
    Features - Nov 14, 2011

    KeyShot 3. Like bringing a Kalashnikov to 9th century sword fight ...and other user comments.

    Over the past several weeks, many KeyShot customers have been beta testing KeyShot 3, giving the new animation system a spin and helping fine-tune the improved user interface and material options. You'll see more this week (hint-hint) about all the new features in KeyShot 3, but we wanted to take so[...]
    Features - Nov 14, 2011

    The Amazing 3D Renderings of Rodrigo Sória

    It's the details that make the difference and for Rodrigo Sória, it's the minute details in modeling and lighting, along with his eye for composition that makes his 3D renderings stand out. We caught up with Rodrigo to find out more about what he does and why he uses KeyShot for rendering his design[...]
    Features - Nov 9, 2011

    Develop3D Profiles Pensa Design... who Rocks the KeyShot

    A fabulous issue of Develop3D awaits you. Why is it so fabulous? Because it's chock full of product design goodness the likes YOU'VE NEVER SEEN... Oh, and it's also got a fair bit of KeyShot spattered about. For example, you see the image above? That is from page 38, a profile feature on design firm[...]
    Features - Oct 31, 2011

    Cascadia Design Studio: Custom Titanium Ring Design with MoI and KeyShot

    If you are a jewelry designer, or involved with any type of product photogoraphy, you know the challenge of getting consistent photos and the time that can go into taking them. Ed Ferguson knows about this all too well. Ed started Cascadia Design Studio in the Great state of Washington, just 30 mile[...]