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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features - Jul 30, 2014

    Customer Spotlight: Leap Motion

    We've used keyboard and mouse for years. That's changing. Inspired by movies and thoughts about the future, some are aiming to break the requirement to point, type and click by recognizing the motion of our hands through the air. Motion gestures are moving off the screen and becoming part of our wor[...]
    Animation, Features - Jul 21, 2014

    Animation of the Week: CASIO Pro Trek PRW-6000

    The new Casio Pro Trek PRW-6000 was debuted at this year's Basel World with new technology that sets it apart as a must have for all outdor adventurers. With the debut, Antonio Pullano, Director of Photography at LovinLife Multimedia, and team set out to create exactly what the client needed. At the[...]
    Features - Jun 26, 2014

    Herbst Produkt Rocks Kickstarter with HYVE Modular Organziation

    What's modular, configuarable, scalable, locking, colorful and way cooler than any other storage containers on the market. One word. HYVE. HYVE is a new product launch on Kickstarter from design group Herbst Produkt. We talked with Scot Herbst last April about their workflow and how they use KeyShot[...]
    Features - Jun 5, 2014

    Bill Gould on the Rendering Process, "KeyShot is Key"

    This month Boxx Technologies, a technology partner with Luxion, published a case study that took a look into the life of Bill Gould (aka Speedster on the KeyShot forum), a Boxx and KeyShot user who has seen the tooling, modeling and design industry change from hands-on model-making and drafting boar[...]
    Features, News - May 9, 2014

    Sign Up, See Marco Di Lucca's Process at This b'Ars Vfx Masterclass

    During the first week of June, KeyShot user and 3D Artist Marco Di Lucca will be at the b'Ars Arts & Vfx Fair in Barcelona in a special masterclass titled "The Making of Me" where he will break down the process on modeling a bust of himself and rendering it in KeyShot. Marco is currently a Senior Ar[...]
    Features - Apr 15, 2014

    No Chrome, no Gloss, Just a Shoe Insole.

    Klaus Rosburg, founder of SONIC Design stopped by the KeyShot forum today and shared some of the new work from the Brooklyn based design firm. KeyShot is used in a variety of ways throughout the product development process, for final product imagery many times, but also to explore the possibilities.
    Animation, Features - Apr 11, 2014

    Animation of the Week: Span Smart Watch from Box Clever

    We love to feature animations created by KeyShot users, but Box Clever has not only created an incredible animation, they've created a very slick product concept for a smart watch. In fact, we think it's one of the most brilliant designs we have ever seen in the wearables market, combining both the [...]
    Features - Mar 19, 2014

    Customer Spotlight: Stanley Black & Decker

    The visuals for hand and power tools has come a long way. Black and white catalog shots are gone, replaced with images that provide a deeper look into the aesthetics and function of a tool. In one of the industries with the fastest product development cycles, we talk with a team that adapts to techn[...]
    Features - Mar 12, 2014

    DK Drover, Futuristic Off-road Vehicle by Simon Williamson

    The design of sci-fi cars, ships and vehicles is limitless. They're some of our favorite visuals to see and when KeyShot users share any they are working on, it creates a bit of a buzz. Simon Williamson creates some of the coolest concepts you'll see, exceptional for the incredible amount of detail [...]
    Features - Mar 4, 2014

    Join Pinfor in the Creation of a Ferrari F150 Replica

    Anthony Pinfor and the Pinfor team have been busy forming a very knowledgeable, very creative professional team over the last year. They're experienced, cover a wide range of disciplines and already have several projects under way. They're based in Seville, Spain, but they're launching their team on[...]
    Features - Feb 27, 2014

    RoboCop Concept Visuals Developed Using KeyShot

    The 2014 remake of RoboCop is hands-down one of the best sci-fi movie adaptations of all time. It dispenses with the drivel in the previous hit and brings in more of what's cool about a crime-fighting robot. Even if the storyline misses the target here and there, the visuals do not, and the reimagin[...]
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