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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features - Sep 30, 2013

    The Steampunk Wheelchair Design That Changed A Boy's Life

    Changing someone's life through design. We wax eloquent at a surface level on how design in general changes lives for the better. For some, those words are lot more significant, espeically when the design helps them get around each day and perform functions most breeze through without a second thoug[...]
    Features - Sep 19, 2013

    KeyShot Customer of the Month: SRAM

    It's the whir, the buzz and the click as you climb the hill. The push and the feel of extra power. The feel of quality. The ultimate ride. For the past 25 years, SRAM has been designing and manufacturing high performance bicycle components, pursuing a passion born out of an idea to improve upon a si[...]
    Features - Sep 18, 2013

    Landis Fields: "Nuthin' but Mech: V2" Preview of Mechelangelo

    Landis Fields is a 3D Concept and Visual Development Artist working in the film and entertainment industry. He's also a KeyShot user with work regularly featured on many websites, in various magazines and books. In fact, the image he has shared with us today is for the upcoming charity art book by D[...]
    Features - Sep 10, 2013

    KeyShot Adds Another Dimension to The Illustrations of Franfou

    Franfou is a freelancer illustrator who recently started using KeyShot. Over the course of 20 years--studying graphic design in college, then creating cartoon style images as a freelancer--his focus is on professional illustration for kids, be it children's books, logos, websites or character design[...]
    Animation, Features - Sep 6, 2013

    Animation of the week: Protect Mother Earth by Abed Sabeh

    "Millions of years ago..." is how Abed Sabeh's latest video starts off, but it wasn't so long ago that he came up with the idea for a new video of KeyShot Animations and faded transitions that takes a surreal approach to illustrate a simple message of taking care of what you have been given. Abed is[...]
    Features - Aug 26, 2013

    Animation of the Week: Grey by Greg Strasz and Brett Sinclair

    Greys. You'll know one when you see one. The fleshy eyes, the deeply translucent skin, their bulbous glandulars and veiny organ case that wraps their immense brain. Thousands of people have created their own versions of the alien visitor, but there's one that I would include as the definitive exampl[...]
    Features - Aug 22, 2013

    Pensa Street Charge Visualized with KeyShot

    PENSA! is a Brooklyn-based design firm shaking up the design scene with ingenious design that brings beauty and elegance to everyday devices and simply makes common tasks more enjoyable and common needs more accessible. They're a long-time KeyShot customer with one of their most recent accomplishmen[...]
    Features - Aug 22, 2013

    Customer of the Month: fuseproject

    There are a few names that stand out in the world of highly disruptive product design. One of those is fuseproject. Founded by Yves Behar in 1999, they're not only highly involved in civic programs, collaborating with non-profits around the world, but have produced some of the most iconic products a[...]
    Features - Aug 21, 2013

    Iowa State University Students Visualize Ideas with KeyShot

    Iowas State kicked of their Industrial Design program in 2010. Each year 35 students are accepted into the program with nearly 200 applications submitted. It's no surprise. The Iowa State ID program is very unique, providing a comprehensive approach to teaching design as well as providing access to [...]
    Features - Aug 8, 2013

    The Amazing Vehicle Design of Luigi Memola, Rendered in KeyShot

    We've seen concepts of futuristic vehicles since the dawn of Popular Science and Sci-Fi novels. Now, we see even more with websites completely dedicated to concept ships and vehicles, but among these there are those who stand out. Luigi Memola, a designer from Turin, Italy, is one of the best, creat[...]
    Features - Jun 28, 2013

    Red Harbinger: I Render, Therefore I am

    We hunch over our wee mobile devices, but fact is, a DESK packed full of processing power and stacked with screens is much more practical for the day-to-day gaming, modeling and rendering. It's also quite a sight to behold. Red Harbinger is nearing the release of the Cross desk and with it, we get a[...]
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