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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features - May 24, 2013

    Customer Spotlight: Skullcandy

    When you slide on a set of headphones or feel the vibrations pounding your eardrums through a set of quality ear buds, the details that came together to produce it may not be so obvious. Skullcandy is the designer and manufacturer of headphones, ear buds and head sets for the audiophile with a wide [...]
    Features - May 10, 2013

    SEAL Wearable Swim Monitor Visualized with KeyShot

    We were excited to see a product concept visualized in KeyShot that is not only life-changing, but potentially life-saving. The SEAL wearable swim monitoring and drowning detection system is a product being developed by Thermocline Ventures, Inc. It's a low-profile device worn around the neck that a[...]
    Features - May 1, 2013

    Customer of The Month: Fossil

    We're excited to have Fossil as KeyShot Customer of the Month. We've been working with Fossil for a while now, seeing how the iconic brand transforms ideas into the incredible vintage design adored around the world. You know them for their watches, of course, but they also produce an eclectic range [...]
    Features - Apr 18, 2013

    Follow the Process of Vitaly Bulgarov in this Amazing Timelapse

    I know you've seen the masterful modeling and rendering of Vitaly Bulgarov in a previous post where we featured his 10 days of Mechs. He has followed up with an additional model that introduces the aesthetics of gun turrets and... sloths? Yes, sloths. While we would love to see an entire tutorial on[...]
    Features - Apr 10, 2013

    Herbst Produkt Delivers Iconic Design with KeyShot

    It's very exciting to see all the ways KeyShot is use in the design process. Creative agencies around the world deliver ideas to client with visuals rendered out of KeyShot and Herbst Produkt is one of the best. The name may sound familiar. The company has a long legacy of product design, with Walte[...]
    Features - Mar 27, 2013

    Students Receive Seatec Myda Award for KeyShot Renders

    Toni Sokura is a student at the Lahti Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland and a designer with Unmonday, maker of high-end, ceramic, active Airplay speakers. Even though he specialized in consumer products, he and fellow student Aslak Siimes, recently won a design competition held by the Seatec Int[...]
    Features - Mar 15, 2013

    Animation of the Week: Hydraulic Power from Related Fluid Power

    When you've had your fill of beautifully rendered images of hydraulic power units and the like, you may be in the mood for some animated, exploded sequences that show just how these assemblies are put together. Thanks to Scott Malcolm, our mechanical animation craving is satiated with two new visual[...]
    Features - Mar 13, 2013

    Vitaly Bulgarov's Black Phoenix Project. 10 Days of Mechs.

    You likely know of Vitaly Bulgarov from his incredibly detailed work as a 3D artist, Gnomon workshop tutorials or the images of his characters and concept design that create a stir across many a CG site. Well, it seems his latest project is no less detailed and no less likely to create a stir. Picke[...]
    Features, News - Mar 8, 2013

    Boston Design Schools Compete in '16 Hours to Glory'

    There are likely as many problems facing the 15.6 million undergrads moving away from home to pursue knowledge as there are dorm rooms with uncomfortable mattresses and inadequate storage space. It's nothing that a design challenge can't handle though. Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Wen[...]
    Features - Mar 6, 2013

    Futuristic Spacecraft Wins 3D Print Challenge, Rendered in KeyShot.

    It may seem a bit odd, but 3D rendering and 3D printing go very well together. You take the 3D data from the 3D software, bring it into KeyShot to render and into the 3D Printer software to print. KeyShot gives you the beautiful image, the 3D printer gives you the physical object. It's exactly what [...]
    Features - Mar 4, 2013

    KeyShot Helps Designers Put Product Concept On the Road to Startup Success

    There are a lot of ways to stack and store magazines, files, papers and, yes, even your tablet or mobile devices. Every once in a while a product concept comes along that adds a little style to the possibilities. Over the weekend we heard from Phil Renato, professor and Chair at the Kendall College [...]
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