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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Animation, Features - Feb 20, 2013

    Animation of the Week: Sound & Vision by Abed Sabeh

    Sound and vision--I enjoy both. Abed Sabeh does as well, masterfully creating sound with his own music compositions and vision using Maya and KeyShot. As you'll see in this video he put together, he has a keen eye for detail and, if you've seen his work in the forums, a creative approach to his conc[...]
    Features - Feb 6, 2013

    Customer Spotlight: Antonio Pinfor of Pinfor Ingenia

    PINFOR™ Ingenia is a full service Design and Engineering firm based in Seville, Spain. They not only create incredibly iconic design, they're also creating incredibly unique user experiences for their clients and their products as well as demonstrating their product visual capabilities on their webs[...]
    Animation, Features - Feb 5, 2013

    Animation of the Week: Mark Senger's Buick Bombrunner Motorbike Concept

    There are some concepts you just wish were real. This is one of those. We've featured Mark Senger's sweet animations before and his latest one leaves us slack-jawed, reminiscing on the classic design of early 20th century automobiles which Mark so beautifully transforms into a triumphant return to t[...]
    Features - Jan 16, 2013

    Customer Spotlight: The Mindblowing Visuals of RenderBox Studio

    This week we have a talk with RenderBox Studio who knows exactly what it takes to produce visuals that leave clients with gaping jaws and wanting more. They use KeyShot throughout the entire design process, bringing in real-time iterations that involves the client. Rich Stothard and Ryan Mason are c[...]
    Features - Jan 9, 2013

    Customer Spotlight: Red Harbinger's Sweet PC Tech and Sweet KeyShot Visuals

    The PC industry is filled with black boxes and laptops that look and function as well as the wall you throw them against when you get frustrated. Red Harbinger is an up and coming PC-tweakin', tech-designin' powerhouse of a company bent on changing the way people think about day-to-day computing.  T[...]
    Animation, Features - Jan 7, 2013

    Animation of the Week: Concept Car in Motion Animation by Marc Senger

    We love a great animation and we love to see what someone is able to produce when they first tear into KeyShot Animation. You may have heard of Marc Senger, Senior Industrial Designer at ELEVEN out of Boston, Mass. His Bentley Dynamo Supercoupe concept has been featured around many a design and auto[...]
    Features - Dec 28, 2012

    Kendall College 2012 KeyShot Student Work

    Phil Renato is the founding chair of the Allesee Metals/Jewelry Design program at Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) and he's been so kind as to share the student work from this fall's 2012 Digital Modeling class. This course explores the creation, manipulation, and employment of three-dimensi[...]
    Features - Dec 26, 2012

    Lovaro Brings Fresh Visuals to Renault 4 Concept with KeyShot

    Where concept car designs and car design competitions are a dime-a-dozen, Lovaro is bringing a different design approach and fresh visuals that extend their pallet beyond consumer products and present a classic, best-selling car with an expressive, contemporary appeal. Founded in 2011 by Allen Zadeh[...]
    Features - Nov 29, 2012

    Customer Spotlight: Simon Williamson

    We've posted the animation and renderings of Simon Williamson in the past and are delighted to feature him as this month's featured Customer Spotlight. Simon teaches at the Wentworth Institute of Technology Department of Industrial Design in Boston. Many are happy to have been under his instruction [...]
    Features - Nov 27, 2012

    Burberry Elegance Rendered with KeyShot

    Every so often we'll receive a surprise in our email--an image, animation or link to a site and an "Oh yeah, that was rendered in KeyShot." We received such an email recently with a link to Burberry, the British Luxury brand that has been around for over 150 years. Their timepieces have a distinctio[...]
    Features - Nov 6, 2012

    Customer Spotlight: Mikael Lugnegard

    You've seen the amazing work of Mikael Lugnegard here on the KeyShot blog, so it won't be a surprise that we're delighted to have him as this month's customer spotlight. Mikael works from his home in Sweden as a digital artist with a client list featuring RED, cmiVFX, SCANIA Truck and many others. H[...]
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