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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Contest - Feb 16, 2015

    It Begins. Rapid Jewelry, The 3D Printing Design Competition.

    Today, it begins. The first annual Rapid Jewelry 3D Printing Design Contest kicks off with cash prizes, software and a nationwide fashion show to put your prize-winning entry in front of thousands. Design Museum Boston is hosting the competition with Luxion and Solidscape sponsoring the show that as[...]
    Contest - Nov 20, 2014

    2014 KeyShot Render Contest Winners

    Without a doubt, the 2014 KeyShot Render Competition has been the most incredible render contest to date that we've held. Not only were there over 300 entries of vehicles and automotive related products, but many of the entries were of the highest quality. It made it particularly difficulty to choos[...]
    Contest - Oct 15, 2014

    The 2014 KeyShot Render & Animation Competition

    This October, we kick off our annual KeyShot render competition with the opportunity to submit your best automotive-related rendering created in KeyShot to win a license of KeyShot Pro.
    Contest - Oct 14, 2014

    The “Get Crazy” Razor Crazy Cart Design Challenge

    This weeks kicks off the start of the "Get Crazy" Razor Crazy Cart Design Challenge at GrabCAD. Luxion and Siemens PLM with joint customer Razor USA are bringing a new challenge to members of the GrabCAD and KeyShot community. Over the next month you have the unique opportunity to integrate your own[...]
    Contest - Apr 1, 2014

    Get Your Render On: The Hum3D Weapon Render Competition

    Right now, as we speak, as you sit there rendering fine product visuals, the Hum3D Weapon Rendering Competition is going on. You have plenty of time to enter and there are two opportunities to win a license of KeyShot! There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with 1st and 2nd place winners snagging a seat [...]
    Contest - Mar 27, 2014

    Get Your Render On: 3D Landmark Render Challenge at CGTrader

    This week is the start of the 3D Landmark Render Challenge at CGTrader. It's simple to enter and there are two opportunities to win a license of KeyShot! There are two categories you can enter go for: Best Model and Best Portfolio. The challenge is going on over the next month with a deadline Sunday[...]
    Contest - Feb 24, 2014

    Win KeyShot in the Facebook Race to 50k

    We're on the way to 50,000 fans on Facebook, so we're giving away a license of KeyShot when we hit the big 5-0. To enter the giveaway, it couldn't be more simple. Just 'Like' the KeyShot Facebook page and share this post on Facebook with friends. We'll take those who have and when we hit 50,000 Like[...]
    Contest - Nov 13, 2013

    Winners of the KeyShot 2013 Halloween Render Challenge

    What a great contest! We've wrapped up the render challenge and even though there was only two weeks to submit an entry, you did not disappoint! We have Jack-o'-lanterns, demons, skeletons, monsters and more to put the fright in you. Two people walked away with the top prize for best render and best[...]
    Contest - Oct 22, 2013

    Make Scary. Win KeyShot. The KeyShot 2013 Halloween Rendering Challenge.

    Back by popular demand, it's the KeyShot Halloween Rendering Challenge! We're near the end of October with but a week left before Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season. We're kicking it off with a rendering contest to give you the opportunity to submit your scariest shot, your most hollo[...]
    Contest - Sep 17, 2013

    Join the Challenge: Design a Superhero Vehicle in ZW3D, Render it in KeyShot

    Image: Stefan Varga, modeled in ZW3D, Rendered in KeyShot. A new challenge is in effect. I repeat, a new challenge is in effect. ZWSOFT is hosting a challenge on GrabCAD, the ZW3D Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge. Do you need to know any more? A vehicle... for a superhero. Who doesn't want to desi[...]
    Contest - Jun 25, 2013

    The KeyShot 'Get Your Toon On' Rendering Challenge

    To celebrate the release of KeyShot 4.1 and our new integration with GrabCAD, we're holding a new rendering challenge to give you an opportunity to win a license of KeyShot! The KeyShot 'Get Your Toon On' Rendering Challenge is ON and it would only be fitting that we team up with GrabCAD to make it [...]
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