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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Contest - Apr 24, 2013

    The Winners of the GrabCAD / IDSA Render Challenge

    Over the past month, we've been anticipating the results of the IDSA "CAD" (Color Aided Design) Rendering Challenge on GrabCAD. The Challenge garnered the most entires to date of any other challenge on the site, with nearly 600 submissions in total. The range of creativity and imagination was astoun[...]
    Contest, News - Feb 26, 2013

    Win A License of KeyShot 4 in the 'Color Aided Design' Challenge

    The challenge is ON! We've teamed up with GrabCAD once again and this time have the pleasure of sponsoring the contest with our friends from the IDSA for the IDSA "CAD" (Color Aided Design) Rendering Challenge. This Challenge is all about bringing the 'color to CAD' and it's your opportunity to not [...]
    Contest - Jan 8, 2013

    Winner of The KeyShotVR Contest

    With the launch of KeyShotVR, we wanted to give everyone the chance to see what the possibilities for interactive 3D content could be. The KeyShot community stepped up to the challenge and created very impressive examples. KeyShotVR is a KeyShot add-on that allows users to high-quality, touch-enable[...]
    Contest - Nov 8, 2012

    The KeyShotVR Interactive 3D Contest

    We're kicking off this month with a new contest and the chance to win a seat of KeyShot Pro + Animation + KeyShotVR. We're excited to see how people are using KeyShotVR to promote their product and portfolios, giving customers a new way to interact with their product across the web and mobile device[...]
    Animation, Contest - Jul 12, 2012

    Winners of the KeyShot Engine Rendering Contest!

    Another AMAZING contest and we are all thoroughly impressed with the submissions from both the KeyShot and GrabCAD community. This was a very challenging contest to judge. There a a lot of great entries that meet the criteria of creativity, realism and composition. In the end, we had to narrow it do[...]
    Contest - Jul 6, 2012

    Enter the KeyShot/GrabCAD Engine Rendering Contest Now. Ending Soon!

    The time to submit a rendering for the KeyShot Engine Rendering Challenge is just about up! We've seen a large increase of submissions in the final week of the challenge both on the KeyShot forum and on GrabCAD. All together we have over 200 entries and a variety of aircraft, boat, car and small sca[...]
    Contest - Jun 18, 2012

    KeyShot 2012 Engine Rendering Challenge

    What time is it? KeyShot Rendering Challenge time. Yes, we're doing it again. Bringing you another opportunity to win a license of KeyShot. Now, it's true that one of the KeyShot staff lost their voice after clapping and cheering on the winners of the last contest. They're on the mend, but we just c[...]
    Contest - Apr 26, 2012

    The KeyShot 3D Rendering Contest

    Yes indeed. We're kicking off another rendering contest to give you a chance to win a license of KeyShot Pro with Animation! Style and class is the theme of this years rendering contest. We'll have two winners. One for best rendering and one for best animation. We provide the details, you provide th[...]
    Contest - Jun 22, 2011

    Winners of the KeyShot 5-Minute Rendering Contest

    What can be done with KeyShot in 5 minutes? You'd be surprised. You may have seen what Mike Doell did with the iCufflink, and that took a whole 10 minutes. Just last week, we held a contest at Planet PTC with our friends from INTEL and GrabCAD. We gave the participants 5 minutes to show what they co[...]
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