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Resources - Mar 23, 2017

Master KeyShot Materials - Headphone Practice Scene

In his latest forum post, Esben Oxholm shares another scene for both model and material practice. Modeling the pair of headphones in modo, he imports the model into KeyShot to work his material magic, and through the KeyShot scene file shares how to approach the camera setup, the material setup and [...]
Resources - Mar 22, 2017

ClusterFarm - Fully Dedicated KeyShot Render Service is a KeyShot render service provider with a render farm completely dedicated to running KeyShot renders. The team utilizes the latest Intel hardware to speed the render time for your time-sensitive projects. They have three hourly pricing tiers based on your rendering and support nee[...]
Resources - Mar 17, 2017

Comic Book Style Illustration Using ZBrush and KeyShot

Stéphane (Wootha) Richard is a concept artist from Lyon, France working in the TV, animation gaming and publishing industries with an talent for creating rich environments and using techniques you wouldn't normally think of for incredible results. 
Resources - Oct 23, 2015

Scene of the Week: Dosch Design SUV Concept

Many automotive companies as well as businesses in the aftermarket industry use KeyShot to create the high quality product images they need for sales and marketing visuals. Of course, with KeyShot, you get the fastest rendering speeds right along with the highest quality shot. To show this, we have [...]
Resources - Aug 27, 2015

Will Gibbons Previews KeyShot 6 Pro Features With New Tutorials

Industrial Designer and KeyShot user, Will Gibbons, is documenting his software exploration and providing a bit of insight along the way. Will is also a KeyShot 6 Beta Tester, and in the first article on his design blog, he provides a preview of the new KeyShot 6 Material Graph and how it works. Wit[...]
Resources - Apr 1, 2015

KeyShot Assets from Dosch Design

Dosch Design is the creator of many high quality 3D graphics products for developing 3D visuals. In the past, they've provided some spectacular KeyShot specific HDRI's. Now, they have developed an even wider variety of KeyShot specific products with scenes, environments, effects, people, machines, c[...]
Resources, Tips, Webinars - Aug 11, 2014

Learn KeyShot Workflow for 3D Artist

We had a wonderful webinar with guest presenter Steve Talkowski of Sketchbot Studios last week. Not only did he show the awesome results after just starting with KeyShot, but also went through the process he uses to go from model in Maya to very cool shot with KeyShot in very little time. The presen[...]
Resources - Jul 31, 2014

3DOTP - Fully Dedicated KeyShot Render Service

3D Off The Page is a KeyShot render service provider with a render farm completely dedicated to running KeyShot renders. The team has recently relaunched their site providing a simple process and two set-ups to complete your KeyShot render or animation in a fraction of the time.
Resources - Apr 2, 2014

Rendering Creature Concepts in KeyShot with Josh Crockett

Digital Tutors has an all new KeyShot tutorial available. This time, Josh Crockett kicks off the training with an intro to the KeyShot interface, importing your ZBrush model, getting your cameras set and editing your materials, including making those adjustment to creature skin to make it look extra[...]
Resources - Mar 27, 2014

Featured Scene: United States Quarter Rendered in KeyShot

Jason Trusty shared this United States Quarter stack in a forum post recently. His goal was to create an object that would provide scale with certain products... and to create the most accurate representation of a 'a buck twenty five' he could. You'll see the steps he went through on the forum post [...]
Resources - Mar 26, 2014

Lamborghini Aventador KeyShot Rendering Tutorial by Millergo

If you visit the KeyShot forum, there's no doubt you have seen the work of Guillermo Abalos Ventoso, aka Millergo. His automotive visuals created in KeyShot are some of the best around, dramatic and well-composed in every way. Many have asked him to reveal his workflow, to detail what he does or to [...]
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