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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Resources - Apr 2, 2014

    Rendering Creature Concepts in KeyShot with Josh Crockett

    Digital Tutors has an all new KeyShot tutorial available. This time, Josh Crockett kicks off the training with an intro to the KeyShot interface, importing your ZBrush model, getting your cameras set and editing your materials, including making those adjustment to creature skin to make it look extra[...]
    Resources - Mar 27, 2014

    Featured Scene: United States Quarter Rendered in KeyShot

    Jason Trusty shared this United States Quarter stack in a forum post recently. His goal was to create an object that would provide scale with certain products... and to create the most accurate representation of a 'a buck twenty five' he could. You'll see the steps he went through on the forum post [...]
    Resources - Mar 26, 2014

    Lamborghini Aventador KeyShot Rendering Tutorial by Millergo

    If you visit the KeyShot forum, there's no doubt you have seen the work of Guillermo Abalos Ventoso, aka Millergo. His automotive visuals created in KeyShot are some of the best around, dramatic and well-composed in every way. Many have asked him to reveal his workflow, to detail what he does or to [...]
    Resources - Mar 14, 2014

    Explore Adelson's Checker Shadow Illusion in KeyShot

    Once again, the numbers have aligned, the digits are primed and the expansive importance of numerical magnitudes boggle and delight the mind. Yes, it is Pi (π) Day and to celebrate this day of days we bring to you... an illusion. An illusion that will confound your friends, bring joy to lovers of gr[...]
    Resources - Feb 4, 2014

    Two Free Car Models to Render in KeyShot

    To create stellar images in KeyShot, first, you need the 3D model. You've seen Millergo's renderings on the KeyShot forum and most likely around the web. His automotive renderings are among the best and the models he uses are superb. Here's the thing, he not only creates the visuals of those models,[...]
    Resources - Sep 25, 2013

    Scene of the Week: Aquarium Box Caustics in KeyShot by Dries Vervoort

    There are some great examples of KeyShot caustics users have sent in since we introduced it with KeyShot 4.1. In a recent forum post, Dries Vervoort filled us in on how he created an Aquarium Box scene with a single point light producing spectacularly sharp focused caustics. He presented a few scree[...]
    Resources - Sep 17, 2013

    Cyborg Design: A New Course by Michael Pedro Using ZBrush and KeyShot

    Interested in concept art? How about cyborg design? How about creating your own cyborg design concepts? Eat3D has just released a new design tutorial by Michael Pedro who takes you through just that. Using ZBrush, KeyShot and Photoshop, Michael provides 5.5 hours of insight in a step-by-step guide t[...]
    Animation, Resources - Sep 16, 2013

    New KeyShot Rendering and Animation Overview Video

    We've had quite a few enhancements and a lot of new features rolled into the updates with KeyShot 4 (and more soon to come!) So, we've created a new KeyShot rendering and animation overview video to get you up to speed, show the boss and share with the family so they know what it is exactly that put[...]
    Resources - Sep 12, 2013

    Creating Renderings and Interactive Visuals for Killer Portfolios

    I know we've kept you waiting and the anticipation of getting a recap of the August webinar has been gnawing on your cortex. Fortunately for your soft tissue and sanity, we've got the webinar locked, loaded and ready to beam into your eyes. The August webinar is all about creating renderings and vis[...]
    Resources - Aug 14, 2013

    The KeyShot Hotkeys Cheat Sheet. Get Yours Now.

    Using high quantities of KeyShot has been known to cause withdrawals when away from the computer. Of course, you can always bring your renderings along, open up the KeyShot Gallery on your mobile device or show people a few KeyShotVR's you've made. But deep down, we know you want a printable cheat s[...]
    Resources - Jul 1, 2013

    New KeyShot Automotive Rendering Tutorial on Digital Tutors

    Digital Tutors is continuing to add to their roster of KeyShot Tutorials and the latest, we're convinced, will be one of your favorites, especially if you like cars and rendering automotive scenes. We've featured a couple DT tutorials that show the process of going from ZBrush to KeyShot. This new o[...]
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