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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Resources - Apr 2, 2013

    Creating a Centaur in ZBrush and KeyShot

    I know you were just telling your family over the weekend how you've longed to model and render a Centaur holding the decapitated head of an Ogre. They didn't believe you could do such a thing, but you know, it's absolutely possible. Digital Tutors is rolling out another tutorial set with 14 lessons[...]
    Resources - Mar 11, 2013

    Rendering Organic Models in ZBrush and KeyShot

    If you've been wandering through the crocodile infested jungles of 3d rendering tutorials, searching for the the golden chalice of KeyShot/ZBrush knowledge, your search is over. Digital Tutors has just published Rendering Organic Models in ZBrush and KeyShot. In this 15 part tutorial, Peter Minister[...]
    Resources - Jan 10, 2013

    Download: Bubblegum Race Car Scene by Shawn Rabensburg

    Yesterday we brought you an interview with Red Harbinger's Shawn Rabensburg. You saw images of the Red Harbinger water-cooled Cross desk he produced, but Shawn also stopped by the KeyShot forum and shared some more of his work. Along with the new renderings, he provided the .bip files used to produc[...]
    Resources - Dec 3, 2012

    Pushing Your KeyShot Settings to Create that Magical Effect

    Michael Tompert was the first one to enter the KeyShotVR contest with his 'Big Data' VR that, as it turns out, was part of a bigger project for a book cover. You can see the KeyShotVR here. Many were interested in how he created the magical effect inside KeyShot and we're delight Michael shared the [...]
    Resources, Tips - Nov 14, 2012

    Creating Top Notch Milky Plastic in KeyShot

    It may look like just your standard XRM125 Renson air-vent-valve with acoustic filter and that's because Philippe Vanagt took great care in the materials he applied to each part. The studio needed product renderings to integrate with brochures and leaflets. Using the Advanced Material type in KeySho[...]
    Resources - Nov 13, 2012

    Contrast of Color Render sheet for DuPont Materials

    Tell me there's nothing better than sitting down at your computer with a steamy cup o' joe and looking upon a gorgeously rendered set of material color balls. Well recently, we announced the availability of DuPont paint materials for KeyShot. (You can download them here.) John Seymour, whose wonderf[...]
    Resources - Nov 12, 2012

    Free 3D Environment for KeyShot

    As you know, the environment lighting in your scene is incredibly important. In the end, it determines how your materials look. High-quality HDRi's can be hard to come by, so we're please to have one recently submitted by KeyShot customer, HiDynamic Productions. HiDynamic is a service and source for[...]
    Resources - Aug 28, 2012

    Two Free Male Human Head Models To Render in KeyShot

    If you've always had an itch to render a model of a human head, now's your chance--We have two models for you. One from a new member in the KeyShot forum and another from the new hi-res scan store and models site of TEN 24. If you were inspired by Marteen's insanely detailed ZBrush sculptures we bro[...]
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