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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Tips - Mar 18, 2015

    How to Add a Seamless Backdrop in KeyShot

    KeyShot allows you to add preset types of geometry to your scene with the click of a button. This comes in handy when you need a sphere, a plane, a cube, or in our case today, a backdrop. Adding seamless backdrops in KeyShot is fast with the Add Geometry feature.
    Tips - Mar 16, 2015

    How To Add A Textured Logo in KeyShot

    If you have a company logo on a product, it's pretty common to need a logo as a material (like a chrome sticker) but not have the logo modeled in 3D. Modeling a logo can create extra work and slow the model down, but KeyShot provides a simple way to achieve the same result, much faster.
    Tips - Mar 11, 2015

    How To Prep Your Model Before Import to KeyShot

    Tim Feher works as a CGI Leader in the automotive industry. If you've not seen his webinar on Automotive Rendering in KeyShot, it's a must. On his new Facebook page, he has published the first tip of many tips to come, beginning with a critical element to the modeling/rendering workflow--model prep.
    Tips - Jan 9, 2015

    Automotive Rendering Tips From Doug Didia

    During the 2014 KeyShot Render Contest, Doug Didia was asked how he creates the incredible imagery he submitted. He was kind enough to break down the process in several images, showing the stock backgrounds he starts with, the passes he creates, along with final background composition, the output in[...]
    Tips - Jan 8, 2015

    New Master KeyShot Workshop from Florian Benedetto

    Elephorm has just release a new training package from long time KeyShot user and master of advertising visuals, Florian Benedetto. Master KeyShot 5 is available (in French) from Elephorm for €49.90 and includes over five hours of video training that takes you through all the features available in Ke[...]
    Tips - Nov 12, 2014

    KeyShot Render Q&A with Tim Feher

    In the KeyShot Render Q&A, Tim Feher, having years of experience of using KeyShot in the automotive industry, provides advanced insight into creating incredible visuals using KeyShot. Although this is focused around automotive, there's no doubt you can use his techniques to create just the images yo[...]
    Tips - Oct 6, 2014

    Master KeyShot Output for Post-production Webinar

    In KeyShot Output for Post-production we continue our master series course with the process that goes into creating output files to bring into post-processing software like Photoshop or After Effects. This includes everything from final scene prep inside KeyShot to using Viewsets and advanced output[...]
    Tips - Oct 1, 2014

    Ironklad Studios Releases First Mech Design Tutorial

    We love us some mech design here at KeyShot HQ, and we certainly love some mech design tutorial with KeyShot workflow thrown into it. The crew at Ironklad Studios has just released their first tutorial that takes you through the process of modeling, rendering and compositing a tough lookin', two-leg[...]
    Tips - Sep 10, 2014

    New KeyShot Tutorial: Quick Sketch Models with SolidWorks and KeyShot

    Digital Tutors has a new course up that covers the complete process of developing a product in SolidWorks and creating some hot product shots lickity split using KeyShot. Michael Lozano, industrial designer at LUNAR Design in Chicago, takes you through the process, with 14 lesson and two at the end [...]
    Tips - Aug 12, 2014

    KeyShot Advice from Character Artist Josh Herman

    Josh Herman was one of the many amazing artist at the inaugural ZBrush Summit and Gnomon Master Classes 2014. He has a long list of character work in major motion films, known as the creator of Iron Man's power suit and most recently, the magnificent Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. In his interv[...]
    Tips - May 28, 2014

    Learn KeyShot 3D Rendering Essentials

    The KeyShot 3D Rendering Essentials webinar is now available and is an absolute must see. Whether you're interested in learning KeyShot quick for a strong foundation in creating strong product imagery or catching a few things you might not have known this 1 hour video walks you through what you need[...]
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