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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News, Tips - Apr 22, 2014

    See the KeyShot 5 Beta Preview

    It's on the way, and our March webinar gives you a sneak peek of what's to come. KeyShot 5 is currently in private beta and we want you to see what we have cooking. We're finalizing the new features and enhancements we show in the presentation and have some others we are sure you'll like as well. Wh[...]
    Tips - Jan 22, 2014

    Quick Creature Rendering Tips and Tutorials from Dominic Qwek

    If you're looking to drop the awesome on some creature visuals, one person to look to is Dominic Qwek. Senior Cinematic Artist with Blizzard Entertainment with years of experience, he has the chops that make the visuals he publishes and the events he shares his knowledge at very popular. Dominic has[...]
    News, Tips - Jan 16, 2014

    Creating a Simple, Subtle Bokeh/Speck Effect in KeyShot

    KeyShot is your camera. It's a lot more also. We've built in the ability to add the geometry you need to get the shadow, lighting and effects you want without a studio set-up, prior to any post-processing and with minimal effort. This couldn't be illustrated better than with the images created by ou[...]
    Features, Tips - Nov 6, 2013

    Get Your Creature On: How to Create Realistic Skin with ZBrush and KeyShot [Tutorial]

    In September, at Gnomon Workshop Live, we had the opportunity to see how several 3D artists use KeyShot in their workflow. One of the talented young lads was none other than Dominic Qwek, a character artist who can work up a creature concept faster than you can carve a chunk of cheese with a meat cl[...]
    Tips - Oct 25, 2013

    Save Time. Create a Virtual Photo Studio in KeyShot.

    KeyShot saves you a lot of time with simple set-up and speedy rendering, but there are other things you can do to make your visual creation go even faster. With KeyShot 4 we introduced many new features including Model Sets and View Sets. We also improved Material Templates which automatically apply[...]
    Features, Tips - Oct 24, 2013

    Making Of 'Demon Hunter' with ZBrush and KeyShot

    We are loving all the ZBrush creations rendered in KeyShot that people are sharing. We're beginning to see more and more tutorials showing KeyShot used in the process of creating these rich visuals. Tutorials like this one from Brahim Azizi that takes you through the steps of how he created the rend[...]
    Tips - Sep 23, 2013

    KeyShot Quick Tip: Render Layers and Render Passes in KeyShot

    This month we have a KeyShot Pro tip for those who frolic in the joys of working with layers, tweaking their colors and streamlining their workflow when working in an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP. With KeyShot 4 we added a Pro level feature for Render Layers and Render Passes. We wanted to ma[...]
    Tips - Sep 3, 2013

    How To Create a Cool Strawberry Character in ZBrush and KeyShot

    I tell you what. There's nothing quite like an adorable, frightened little strawberry character with a dollop of chocolate on his head to bring a smile to your face. Unless, it's learning to model up and render the little guy as well. Nacho Riesco has put together a fabulous full length, step-by-ste[...]
    News, Tips - May 30, 2013

    Best Practices for Working with Textures

    We have textures upon KeyShot texture goodness spilling, nay spraying, out of our computer screens and we just have to get all of it into your hands. We had our latest webinar this Tuesday where the amazing Richard Funnell took attendees on a wild, bump-mapping ride through KeyShot textures, explain[...]
    Tips - May 14, 2013

    KeyShot Tip: Using Labels to Create Special Material Effects

    There's nothing like getting your model a little dirty... or, shiny enough to reflect the light of 1,000 suns. Either way, KeyShot has you covered, quite literally, with labels. We've recently had some forum posts discussing labels and how they can be used to create different effects. Since labels c[...]
    Tips - May 2, 2013

    KeyShot Quick Tip: Ambient Occlusion

    Sometimes you just need to bring out the details of your rendering with deeper, darker shadows. Maybe it's to accentuate the texture of the material or just darken the grooves and edges to make the highlights pop a little more. With KeyShot, it's simple to both adjust the shadows and create a separa[...]
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