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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Tips - Apr 30, 2013

    New KeyShot Advanced Tutorial: Material Templates

    We're in the process of soaking the brains of our development team in a stiff concoction of voice overs and advanced KeyShot functionality to deliver a set of new tutorials. The first one is out, available on our Tutorials page, our Youtube page and embedded below. In this first one, we take on Mate[...]
    Tips - Mar 25, 2013

    KeyShot Quick tip: Cylindrical Mapping

    It's certainly possible to go around willy-nilly slapping labels on every cylindrical surface you come across--some find no greater joy in doing such things. Fortunately, KeyShot makes all that label applying activity incredible easy with a visual mapping tool to help locate labels on cylindrical su[...]
    News, Tips - Feb 28, 2013

    KeyShot 4 Overview in German

    Luxion has a great network of resellers and many create their own material to deliver KeyShot information to their customers. INNEO Solutions is one of our largest resellers and serves Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK. They've put together a 15-minute overview showing the great new fea[...]
    Tips - Feb 25, 2013

    How to use Mold-Tech Texture Materials for KeyShot

    You want a perfectly textured, accurately scaled appearance of molded plastic on a new video game controller design. It's not too much to ask for and KeyShot is the rendering software to make it happen. Exclusive to KeyShot and introduced with KeyShot 4, we bring you MOLD-TECH® textures in nine sets[...]
    Tips - Feb 12, 2013

    How to Create Water Droplets in SolidWorks to Render in KeyShot

    Dries Vervoort has been posting some of his work with the new physical lights and improved translucent materials in KeyShot 4. Some were interested to know how he went about creating water droplets in his 3D modeling software of choice, SolidWorks. Here, he provides the step-by-step, along with the [...]
    Tips - Jan 24, 2013

    KeyShot Quick Tip: Using KeyShot Plugins

    You could cover your entire upper body in a tattoo that pits the 20+ 3D file formats supported by KeyShot against mermaids and sea dragons--You could do that (and you would probably get a free license of KeyShot Pro)-- or you could just rest easy knowing that you have all those options. (See the ful[...]
    Tips - Jan 23, 2013

    How the KeyShot Live Linking for SolidWorks Works

    How easy is it to update a SolidWorks model you've already imported to KeyShot? With a single click of a button. How does that sound? The upcoming release of the KeyShot plugin for SolidWorks adds the new Live Linking functionality we're bringing between 3D modeling application and amazing rendering[...]
    Tips - Nov 28, 2012

    KeyShot Quick tip: How to Eliminate Harsh Hot Spots

    You have the perfect materials, perfect environment and perfect camera angle. Your image is absolutely stunning except for one spot where the model blends into the background. Adjusting the brightness changes how the entire scene looks, so what's the best way to get rid of that one, little spot? The[...]
    Resources, Tips - Nov 14, 2012

    Creating Top Notch Milky Plastic in KeyShot

    It may look like just your standard XRM125 Renson air-vent-valve with acoustic filter and that's because Philippe Vanagt took great care in the materials he applied to each part. The studio needed product renderings to integrate with brochures and leaflets. Using the Advanced Material type in KeySho[...]
    Tips - Nov 9, 2012

    How to Create 3D Cutaways with KeyShot Renderings

    Tiho Ramovic shared a cutaway of a Ferrari F50 he created with renderings out of KeyShot. It's a simple process and he was kind enough to also provide a short tutorial about how he created it. You can download the PDF from the forum post and we've recreated it below for your reference. He uses an ex[...]
    Tips - Nov 2, 2012

    How to Create Animate Lighting in KeyShot

    You've probably seen commercials or animations where the lighting moves across the vehicle or product accentuating its lines and curves. It's a fabulous way to bring life to the product you're showcasing and it couldn't be easier to create in KeyShot. In this three minute step-by-step and video, you[...]
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