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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News - Jan 23, 2014

    Upgrade to KeyShot 4 and Save

    If you've been waiting to upgrade your license of KeyShot to the latest version, now is the time. Through the end of the month (January 31st, 2014), those who upgrade their license of KeyShot 1.9, KeyShot 2 or KeyShot 3 to KeyShot 4, will recieve 20% off the cost of the upgrade. This is a great oppo[...]
    News - Jan 23, 2014

    Artist Series: Zhelong Xu

    With the start of 2014, we're starting a new spotlight on KeyShot users. Our Artist Series will cover KeyShot users in the CG industry, featuring the work the do using KeyShot of visualization throughout the process for film, tv and other media. To kick the series off, we talk with Zhelong Xu, an ar[...]
    News, Tips - Jan 16, 2014

    Creating a Simple, Subtle Bokeh/Speck Effect in KeyShot

    KeyShot is your camera. It's a lot more also. We've built in the ability to add the geometry you need to get the shadow, lighting and effects you want without a studio set-up, prior to any post-processing and with minimal effort. This couldn't be illustrated better than with the images created by ou[...]
    News - Jan 15, 2014

    Animation of the week: Flow Control Valve by Scott Malcolm

    SCott Malcolm with Related Fluid Power is a one man KeyShot rendering, control valve animating machine. He created this cutaway animation of a proportional flow control valve commonly used in hydraulic systems and shared it on the KeyShot forums. It perfectly illustrates the design and function of t[...]
    News - Jan 7, 2014

    See You Seeing KeyShot at CES 2014

    To kick off the year, we're headed to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, on-site for CES 2014. With the cold temps around the US, the warmth of the sun will be nice, but we'll also be soaking up the heat of awesome gadgets and killer tech, much of which has visuals created using KeyShot. The Consumer Electron[...]
    News - Jan 6, 2014

    Kick It! Razor Powerwing Scooter Design Challenge is Go.

    2014 is here, the sparks are flying, the kids are cheering and the design challenge is ON. In the first design challenge of its kind for 2014, you have the tools in your your grasp to create the most intense kick scooter design the world has ever seen--The design of the Razor Powerwing.
    News - Dec 23, 2013

    New KeyShot Plugin Update for Rhino 4 and 5

    Image: Simon Williamson - modeled in Rhino 5 and rendered in KeyShot. See all the version and more of Simon's creations here.
    News - Dec 19, 2013

    KeyShot 4.3 Released

    Today we are pleased to release KeyShot 4.3. This is one release we wanted to get out to our users as we press on with KeyShot 5 development and preparing the software for additional capabilities to enhance and compliment all the new features in KeyShot 4. For those on previous versions of KeyShot 4[...]
    News - Dec 18, 2013

    KeyShot Sneaks into Multiphysics

    If you're an engineer, we know you love presenting the crisp realism and slick visuals of your model all rendered up. We also know you have a sweet spot for the interactive simulation of those mechanisms and complex assemblies you create. Combining the two would be an incredible addition to the prod[...]
    News - Dec 2, 2013

    Join Luxion at Autodesk University, CAVE and the i3D Summit

    Autdodesk University is in full effect with the CAVE Conference and i3D summit kicking off today, Monday, December 2nd at The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. We're sponsoring this new event and Autodesk University, featuring demos of KeyShot and providing a look into the new KeyShot / Fusion 360 integrat[...]
    News - Dec 2, 2013

    The KeyShot Cyber Monday Deals Are Back

    The KeyShot Cyber Monday Deals December 2nd, 2013 – Friday, December 6th Monday, 12:00 AM PST – Friday, 11:59 PM PST This week we bring you our annual KeyShot Cyber Monday Deals with a 30% discount on all KeyShot Add-ons, including KeyShot Animation, KeyShotVR and KeyShot Network Rendering. Discount[...]