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    Features, News - Oct 3, 2013

    Hydra Design Labs Reveals New Northrop Grumman GMV Project Shots

    Hydra Design Labs sent out a newsletter this week with a special sneak peek at their latest project. The Southern Californian company launched in 2010, since then working in the automotive design sector with companies such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chrysler and others. They recently finished a project [...]
    News - Sep 19, 2013

    KeyShot 4.2 Sneak Peek: Render Faster, Set Cores, Groups, Themes & Improved Import

    A new season is definitely upon us. School is well under way and we're announcing that KeyShot 4.2 will soon be available. As you know, we have a lot of great features in the 4.0 and 4.1 releases of KeyShot. The 4.2 introduces some new features as well, features requested by KeyShot users along with[...]
    News - Sep 16, 2013

    Thought at Work Design Conference Coming Soon. Enter to Win a Seat of KeyShot.

    Whatch it. With a look like that, people might get the idea you're thinking... thinking at work. What do you say when confronted? "Yeah, you see this? You see that? That's my thought, my THOUGHT AT WORK." Thought at Work is a Regional Industrial and Interaction Design Student Conference in it's 2nd [...]
    News - Sep 10, 2013

    How KeyShot is Helping the Digital Meet the Physical in 3D Printing

    Stefan Reichert is an Industrial Designer from Germany, working at Sonos, Inc. in Santa Barbara, California. A recent article on Wired about a crazy small 3D printer featured his 2012 Bachelor Thesis for Industrial Design, a 3D printer that went on to win the Core77 Design Awards. Stefan used KeySho[...]
    News - Sep 5, 2013

    KeyShot Review in September Issue of Develop3D

    In the September 2013 issue of Develop3D, you have a special treat. No, not the gratuitous motorbike design coverage in the cover story article (although that is quite exhilarating). No, in this issue, you have something even better, a KeyShot 4.1 review nestled tightly between the stapled binding o[...]
    News - Sep 2, 2013

    Introduction to KeyShot Webinar Hosted by MotionMedia

    This week we're firing up the CPU cores, flipping on the webinar switch and preparing for a special engagement with our newest North American reseller, MotionMedia. On Wednesday, September 4th at 11:00am PDT, Shaun Redsar, Luxion's Digital Media Artist, will be presenting an Introduction to KeyShot,[...]
    News - Aug 29, 2013

    KeyShot 4.1 Tutorials Presented In German by Inneo Solutions

    Luxion's number one reseller of KeyShot has been quite busy as of late. Meeting with INNEO Solutions at the PTC Live Global conference this summer, we found out they were working on a set of tutorials for the new version of KeyShot--a whole series of tutorials that take you through every aspect of K[...]
    News - Aug 27, 2013

    Make Robots in ZBrush and KeyShot with Furio Tedeschi

    The time has come! What time is that, praytell? The time for you to make incredible looking robots and render them in KeyShot. We're excited to announce a new course brought to by the fine folks at ZBrushWorkshops. Make Robots in ZBrush is a full length, down in the trenches guide for all of those l[...]
    News - Aug 19, 2013

    Join us at the IDSA 2013 International Conference

    Summer is winding down, school is about to start and we're gearing up for the IDSA 2013 International Conference, oh yeah! This year, we're heading to Chicago, Illinois--the Windy City, Chi-town, Chicagoland--and have several activities gong on you'll want to know about. We'll also be in the exhibit[...]
    News - Aug 8, 2013

    Solid Edge Plugin for KeyShot Now Available

    The time has come to fire up a fresh, new version of Solid Edge ST6, download the new KeyShot plugin and turn that multi-colored model geometry into beautiful photorealistic images and animations. We announced the Solid Edge integration earlier this summer, showing it at Solid Edge University prior [...]
    News - Aug 2, 2013

    'Get Your Toon On' Render Challenge Winners Announced

    Our latest rendering challenge has ended and the votes are in! We released KeyShot 4.1 this summer introducing a new Toon shader that can be used with any material or texture combo. We also introduced GrabCAD integration to push your renderings over to their platform. So, it made sense to team up wi[...]