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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News, Tips - Feb 28, 2013

    KeyShot 4 Overview in German

    Luxion has a great network of resellers and many create their own material to deliver KeyShot information to their customers. INNEO Solutions is one of our largest resellers and serves Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK. They've put together a 15-minute overview showing the great new fea[...]
    Contest, News - Feb 26, 2013

    Win A License of KeyShot 4 in the 'Color Aided Design' Challenge

    The challenge is ON! We've teamed up with GrabCAD once again and this time have the pleasure of sponsoring the contest with our friends from the IDSA for the IDSA "CAD" (Color Aided Design) Rendering Challenge. This Challenge is all about bringing the 'color to CAD' and it's your opportunity to not [...]
    News - Feb 21, 2013

    Updated Pro/E, Creo and Rhino Plugins for KeyShot

    When you're out reaping beautiful renderings in the field, you may look up toward the light and catch a glimmer of enhanced functionality flying toward you. That would be an updated plugin or three coming at you with the full speed of extended KeyShot 4 capability. As you know, we updated the plugin[...]
    News - Feb 14, 2013

    KeyShot 4 is Here

    The day we've long anticipated is here. Today, we are very excited to release the latest version of our 3D rendering and animation software, KeyShot 4. There's a lot we've put in this release to increase the quality of visuals and the speed at which you are able to create renderings and animations. [...]
    News - Feb 13, 2013

    Last Day to Upgrade to KeyShot 4 for Free

    The big day is almost here. Tomorrow, February 14th, KeyShot 4 will be released, which makes today the last chance to upgrade to the new version for free.
    News - Feb 11, 2013

    Get a Glimpse of KeyShot 4 in our Latest Webinar

    As you may know, KeyShot 4 will be released into the wide open ether and down into your computer this Thursday, February 14th. If you are wondering about the features coming to KeyShot 4, our latest webinar covers a few of them, introducing physical lighting, live linking, color libraries, rounded e[...]
    News - Feb 8, 2013

    KeyShot 4 is Coming... Share the Love

    Mark your calendar. On February 14th, KeyShot 4 will be released... and you can upgrade for free. Until Thursday, February 14th, all new license purchases of KeyShot 3 will receive a free upgrade to KeyShot 4.
    News - Feb 5, 2013

    MCAD Cafe Interview with Luxion's Thomas Teger

    During SolidWorks World 2013, David Heller with MCAD Cafe stopped by the KeyShot booth to get the low down on Luxion tech and the upcoming release of KeyShot 4. Fortunate for him, our VP of Product and Strategy, Thomas Teger, was on site in his best KeyShot button-up and dished out exactly what make[...]
    News - Jan 31, 2013

    What are SolidWorks Users Saying About KeyShot 4?

    Last week we were out at SolidWorks World 2013 in Orlando, Florida. We have (almost) recovered from traveling out from the west coast for the five days of festivities, sessions and demoing KeyShot 4 to throngs of people who are (not suprisingly) hungry for sweet, jaw-dropping visuals of their 3D dat[...]
    News - Jan 29, 2013

    Two Days Left to Save on KeyShot + 3DConnexion 3D Mouse

    Time is almost out to get in on this deal! With KeyShot 4 coming out soon, right now is a perfect opportunity to buy KeyShot 3 and, not only get a free upgrade to KeyShot 4 when it's released, but also get a free 3DConnexion 3D Mouse. There are two days left to get in on this deal. The offer ends Th[...]
    News - Jan 22, 2013

    Announcing KeyShot 4 and Live Linking

    We've mentioned it on the blog, you've read about it in the forums, we've posted it on Facebook and some of the staff has even written it with Sharpie on their face... KeyShot 4 is coming. This week we're out at SolidWorks World 2013, where we are officially announcing KeyShot 4, debuting the new so[...]