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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News - Oct 16, 2012

    KeyShot for Packaging Design Show Reel

    If you like the look of plastic containers or if you are drawn to the subtle shimmer of a perfume bottle backlit by the glow of environment lighting, you're in for a treat. We were recently at the Dieline Packaging design conference and put together a video to showcase the work of a few of our custo[...]
    News, Tips - Oct 12, 2012

    New KeyShotVR Tutorials

    We just had our monthly webinar last week and looked at how to create a KeyShotVR. Instead of posting the webinar, we thought we would go one step further and put all the information into some quick, easy to digest video tutorials to soak your oculars in. We have four, recorded in beautiful 1080 HD,[...]
    News - Oct 8, 2012

    KeyShot User Forum 2012, Tokyo

    On October 22nd, we will be in Tokyo, Japan for KeyShot User Forum 2012. 3DS is hosting the event that will feature Luxion's co-founder and chief scientist, Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen as Keynote speaker as well as Technical sessions and customer stories on the latest release, KeyShot 3.3. Here are the d[...]
    News - Oct 2, 2012

    Send in Your Coolest Packaging Design Shots

    We've been getting a lot of great submissions for the Call for Content and we love the range of industries that KeyShot is used across. Product Packaging Design is just one them, so this week we want to see your best product packaging shots. You've seen how Unilever has leveraged KeyShot to help sav[...]
    News - Sep 26, 2012

    KeyShot 3.3.33 Now Available

    Ahh, we just slipped into Fall in the Northern hemisphere, and what better way to start off cooler weather and falling leaves than with an update to KeyShot. Joy of joys, we have it for you right here. A great one, I might add, full of additional features and fixes that have come from all of your gr[...]
    News - Sep 21, 2012

    KeyShot Call for Content

    Image: Chris Lovin We are continuing to push forward on preparing for the next release of KeyShot, and we want you to be a part of it. If you receive our newsletter (sing up for it here!) you know that we are asking KeyShot users to submit the best of their creations and with it an opportunity to ha[...]
    News - Sep 20, 2012

    KeyShot in Your School

    Image: Dean Loock, Savannah College of Art and Design It's nice to know you can grab that double-whip latte, head down to the computer lab, fire up KeyShot and churn out some impressive project visuals. There are so many design and engineering schools adding KeyShot to their curriculum. It's excitin[...]
    News - Sep 12, 2012

    KeyShot Featured in 3D World for Realistic Metal Surfaces

    Mike Griggs tells how to "Render Realistic Metal Surfaces" in this month's issue of 3D World magazine and features images produced in KeyShot. He outlines the steps to add realism from material texture to lighting. All aspects included inside KeyShot to make applying a metallic appearance faster and[...]
    News - Sep 6, 2012

    Join us at the Dieline Packaging Design Conference

    KeyShot is proud to be a sponsor of the 2012 Dieline Forum, the ultimate one-day packaging design conference! We'll be at the show and on the exhibit floor demonstrating how KeyShot is the chioce for consumer product and packaging companies around the world. The conference is chock full of sessions.[...]
    News - Aug 30, 2012

    KeyShot 3.3, Ready for Download

    Today we launch the third update for KeyShot 3 and with it a few new features and software enhancements you're sure to love. If you saw some of our news announcements over the past few weeks at SIGGRAPH and IDSA you'll be familiar with KeyShotVR, a new way for you to create and present interactive 3[...]
    News - Aug 29, 2012

    SpaceClaim Engineer 2012 and KeyShot 3 Integration

    SpaceClaim and KeyShot have a lot in common. They're both easy to use and able to import more 3D file formats than any other 3D software. They also work together seamlessly. Here's an overview our pals at SpaceClaim put together with a brief introduction to the software and how the models transfer q[...]