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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News - Aug 3, 2012

    Quirky is Hiring... and They Need a KeyShot All-Star

    Ok, it doesn't exactly say 'KeyShot All-Star", but if you want to work for one of the coolest companies in the known world (other than Luxion) and you're a rock star Industrial Designer that knows your SolidWorks and your KeyShot, then this job is it. Quirky is a social product collaboration site th[...]
    News - Aug 2, 2012

    CGPN Launches. Sign Up, Collect Points, Win a Seat of KeyShot.

    What do you get when you mix CG and people? Well, the CG People Network of course. has just launched and Luxion is proud to be part of kicking off the new CG site from the creators of, one of the finest places to find quality 3D models. They've taken the comments of 3D02 members an[...]
    News - Jul 31, 2012

    Fast, Simple Labels on Transparent Materials in KeyShot

    Perhaps you're working on some images for a glass bottle of Mr's Tompkin's clear liquid gravy or need to show what an underwater seascape applied to the plasticy interior of the latest Ocean Breeze scented aftershave looks like. There are a lot of applications where you may need to apply a label to [...]
    News - Jul 26, 2012

    KeyShot Ready to Rock on OS X Mountain Lion

    For all the Mac user in the house, today is a wonderful day. Apple has released 'the most advanced desktop operating system', better known as OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and best of all, KeyShot is ready to rock on the ninth release of the OS.
    News - Jul 26, 2012

    Fly to Boston, See KeyShot, Party at IDSA 2012

    Our favorite pre-fall show is coming up and we'll be packing the computer bags, pop-up displays and cans of red bull to make our way over to Boston, Massachusetts for the IDSA 2012 International Conference. The event is being held August 15-18th, 2012 and you'll definitely want to show up for this. [...]
    News - Jul 13, 2012

    Join Us at SIGGRAPH 2012. Snag Free Entry to Exhibit Hall Here.

    Well, we've had a little break from events through the month of July, but it all picks back up in August. We will be headed to Los Angeles, California for SIGGRAPH 2012. It all happens August 5th-9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Planning on going as well? Well, if the full conference price [...]
    News - Jul 10, 2012

    solidThinking Evolve 9.0 Brings Support for KeyShot

    Product designers rejoice--Rendering solidThinking files just became so much faster. If you use solidThinking Evolve, you now have the ability to save out KeyShot .bip files. solidThinking has released the latest version of their product design and 3D modeling software, Evolve 9.0, and with it, the [...]
    News - Jun 25, 2012

    KeyShot Live Q&A: You Ask, We Answer. THIS WEEK.

    Have you ever had a burning question about how to do a certain thing inside KeyShot, but no answer? This webinar is your chance to get all of your questions answered, once and for all. Ask questions about anything and everything inside and about KeyShot. We'll answer them live for you and provide th[...]
    News - Jun 19, 2012

    Microsoft Surface Revealed. KeyShot Delivers the Stunning Images.

    This week, Microsoft shook the mobile device scene with the unveiling of their new tablet, the 'Surface'. It's all sorts of coolness you would expect to see from a company competing in an aggressive market and KeyShot helped make the visual magic happen in the first images you'll see of the new devi[...]
    News - Jun 11, 2012

    KeyShot at Solid Edge University 2012 and World Domination

    Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of beautiful renderings streaming forth from around the world as we head to another of our spring events! This time we are off to Nashville, Tennessee for the first annual Solid Edge University user conference, YES. We'll be on site for the 3 day event, Monday [...]
    News - Jun 6, 2012

    KeyShot Tech Preview: Update Your 3D Models Instantly with Live Linking

    We have some really cool developments happening inside KeyShot. Some you'll hear about over the next few weeks and others as we ramp up to introduce KeyShot 4 beta in the fall. We already have a few features to preview that will be in KeyShot 4 and one of those that we're really excited about and ar[...]