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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    Features, News - Feb 12, 2012

    The LDG KeyShot Custom Fixed-Gear Bike

    There's nothing quite like the beauty of custom, handcrafted work. Livery Design Gruppe (LDG) is known for beautiful, hand-crafted work and the attention to detail that seeps through every facet of their sleek fixed-gear bicycles. They design and manufacture complete bicycles from the steel or alumi[...]
    News - Feb 9, 2012

    Come See KeyShot 3.1 at SolidWorks World 2012

    Yes, indeed! SolidWorks World 2012 is coming up next week in gorgeous San Diego, California. If you'll be out on the left-coast, running about the San Diego Convention center and in need of a feast of visual render delight for your eye, just make your way over to the Partner Pavilion. We'll have shi[...]
    Features, News - Feb 6, 2012

    Importing 3D Models Into KeyShot and More by CA Clark.

    Craig A Clark has an abosulutely FABULOUS article on Scorpio CGI about importing models into KeyShot 3. He goes into great detail about importing a model, but that's not all. He also covers six other aspects you'll go through during the rendering process and throws in some best practice along the wa[...]
    News - Jan 26, 2012

    The KeyShot Race to 30k Facebook Challenge (Win an Seat of KeyShot and More)

    We love throwing a good ol' fashion giveaway here at Luxion, and we love all our friends on Facebook. So, we're holding one of our biggest giveaways yet and racing all the way through it... A race to 30k Likes on Facebook and with it, we'll be giving away licenses of KeyShot, fabulous KeyShot shirts[...]
    News - Jan 11, 2012

    KeyShot Update: Maya Importer, Improved Render Performance and More

    It's only two weeks into the year, but we've not slowed the KeyShot development down. Not at all. Today, we release our second KeyShot update, version 3.0.96, and with it a handful of improvements and additions you'll want to be sure to have.
    News - Dec 16, 2011

    The New KeyShot Plugins are Live

    Our development team has been known to do an awkward little dance occasionally. With the release of KeyShot 3 it happened. And, last night it happened again with the release of the new and improved KeyShot plugins. They're now updated to work in glorious 3D importing bliss, taking your models direct[...]
    News - Dec 5, 2011

    Rock the Releases. New Updates for KeyShot 3

    We released KeyShot 3 just a few short weeks ago, but that doesn't mean we've stopped development till next year. No way. We have a lot more on the way and we're also putting out updates as soon as new functionality and support is added or performance improvements are made. No need for major point r[...]
    News - Dec 2, 2011

    How Do You Bring Rhino Files Into KeyShot? ...This Plugin of Course.

    Guess what? KeyShot is able to import the most file types out of any 3D rendering software in the history of rendering software. For some software, we even have plugins that allow direct import from the software itself. Rhino is 100% compatible with KeyShot and there's even a plugin you can use to b[...]
    News - Dec 2, 2011

    KeyShot 3 Review on 3D Sphere - "Great Renders in Less Time"

    KeyShot 3 has just been absorbed by the sphere... the CG Sphere, and Mr. Tomas Salat has just published a KeyShot 3 review including a rendering comparison with MetalRay. Tomas takes a look at the new interface and highlights the specs that make KeyShot stand out. You'll also get an overview of the [...]
    News - Nov 29, 2011

    Lookout... KeyShot 3 Gets Native Support for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

    KeyShot 3 already supports the largest number of file format import for any 3D rendering program. Today... we add two more to the list. Luxion is extremely excited to announce native support for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya. This will allow faster, more direct import of these file formats right into Ke[...]
    News - Nov 23, 2011

    Come See Us at Autodesk University, Get a Promo Code for KeyShot

    You know it. Autodesk University is ON and Luxion will be on deck, boothin' it like Bob Barker, showing the sweet, new interface and animation system in KeyShot 3. We'll be in booth #405 - the absolute best booth in the exhibition hall - nice and cozzy, shooting out beams of rendering delight to eve[...]